Why do we raise kids with amazing stories and then stick them in cubicles?


We recently got Disney+ so I’ve been watching Rescue Rangers and Scrooge McDuck with Calico. It made me think about the stories I grew up with and how they were always full of adventure, treasure, investigations, secret passageways, and danger. Yet, once kids get to adult age they find out life is much different than these shows.

Why do we do that to them? Is that harmful?

Should we replace these cartoons with cartoons of people adulting and trying to sign up for healthcare and figure out which plan is the best one while realizing insurance companies win no matter what? Or, maybe a cartoon of people working out of a dark cubicle staring at a screen for 8+ hours? My guess is ratings would take a dive…

Or, is this just me, and everyone else watched those shows but didn’t really think they were what life could be like.

I feel slightly weird watching these with Calico and seeing these amazing adventures only to know that barely anyone gets to have a life like this. Beyond the fact, they are obviously impossible fiction stories it seems like we are glamorizing the impossible. Kinda like the Kardashians (which there is good evidence is psychologically damaging).

Is what we are doing any different than what we did around campfires x years ago?

It is hard for me to watch these knowing that a future life for Calico is the USA has no paid vacation, no sick days, and no health care.

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