My Baby Has Man Farts.


See this cute little guy?

Since the moment we got home he has had man farts.

He wakes Lindsey up at night with his man farts.

He wakes Ben up at night with his man farts.

They are loud.

They are not baby farts.

They are man farts.

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Wow Mr. Trump.


What an interesting time to be alive.

“Trump is a poor man’s idea of a rich man, a dumb man’s idea of a smart man, and a weak man’s idea of a strong man.”

Are we witnessing the rise of a new wave of nationalism? Is this what it felt like to be in Europe after WW2 and watch the rise of a new political movement in Spain, Italy, and Germany? Or, is this what it felt like in the quiet before the 1930s global depression and massive changes around the world due to economic chaos?

Is this going to produce a huge backlash and back to expanding FDR’s programs? Will the Democrats come back in 2018 and 2020 with big wins? Will this be the last death rattle of the modern Republican party or can they survive with Trump and his core supporters?

Or, is this just a minor event that will fizzle away? Will Trump be impeached in 100 days and back to typical? How much damage can Trump and his people do to the social contract & safety net Americans currently enjoy?

Or, is Trump and his team going to bring about improved prosperity for ordinary people? Will he smash the old system and actually provide something better for Americans? Will he remove FDR’s big government, remove the social safety net, and see America’s economy flourish because of that?

Living in this moment is a lot scarier than you read in a history book about the quiet before something big. The only thing I have to compare it to is September 11th, but that was quick, and then it was just a feeling of watching history as we picked who to bomb and the rest of us went back to our normal lives. It is weird & cool & scary to be in this moment.

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Calico Jack Gets Personality!


It is crazy how quick Calico is getting some personality! He is doing great, and he had a blast meeting one of his other grandmother’s and auntie :). I love how much he looks like Winston Churchill when he squinches up his face.

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The hardest part is picking a path.


I’ve read a a few hundred business management books and it is amazing the scope of possible options when you face problem x. The hardest part is to pick a path and apply good thought process to your choice. It is SO hard to apply that process and ensure that you are not trapped in the process/framework versus too chaotic and undisciplined! Quick story from a book I’ve been reading:

There is an old story about an Indian chicken farmer who lived outside of New Delhi. For many years, he successfully raised and sold his chickens to support his family. One morning, when he went to feed the flock, he found several dead chickens. Not knowing what to do, he packed a bag, took a train into the Himalayas, climbed a high mountain and found a guru.

“Oh, guru,” he wailed, “some of my chickens have died!”.

“What do you feed them?” asked the guru. “I feed them corn,” replied the farmer. “You must change their diet to wheat,” declared the guru. The farmer descended the mountain, took the train home, and changed the feed from corn to wheat. For several weeks, everything went fine. But one morning, he went to feed the flock and found several more dead chickens. So he packed his bag again, took the train, climbed the mountain, and found the guru.

“Oh, guru—more of my chickens are dead!”

“How do you give them water?” asked the guru. “I have wooden bowls that I fill with water,” replied the farmer. “Troughs!” declared the guru. “Go home and build troughs.” Again the farmer returned home, built troughs, and his flock thrived for the next several months. But one morning, the farmer found more dead chickens. Back to the guru!

“Guru! More chickens are dead!”

“How do you house the chickens?” asked the guru. “I built wooden chicken coops for them.” “You need a new ventilation system,” declared the guru. Back home, the farmer spent his savings to build a new ventilation system. For two years, his business was better than ever—until, one morning, he went to feed the flock and ALL the chickens were dead!

Back at the guru’s cave, the farmer cried, “All my chickens are dead!”

“That’s too bad,” said the guru. “I had many more solutions.”

Advice isn’t useless, but it isn’t a magical solution. Every path is different in life/business.

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