Stuff/Things Inventory.


I had a goal last year of doing a huge inventory of everything I own.

I finally finished it.

Why would I do this?

I like the idea of being conscious of what I own so I can appreciate it, and also cut down on my consumption of needless shit.

I think it will also help me judge usage and get rid of stuff I am not getting enough usage out of. This was partially inspired by the 100 thing movement/challenge and this BBC article on the paradox of stuff. I love the simplicity of owning very little and using what you own. When I was being nomadic and moving every 3 months I was def around 100 things, but I am happy to have a few more things now :).

So what is the rough count (~90% accurate)?

Things? (~137 items)

  • ~14 computer items.
  • ~30 electronic items.
  • ~8 misc office items.
  • ~10 toys.
  • ~5 travel items.
  • ~16 biking items.
  • ~8 sport related items.
  • ~27 camping/survival items.
  • ~2 hiking specific items.
  • ~17 bags.
    And, two boxes of junk in the basement.

  • Clothing? (~218)

  • ~24 underwear.
  • ~26 pair of socks.
  • ~45 t shirts.
  • ~25 shorts.
  • ~13 sports tops.
  • ~18 bottoms (jeans, pajama bottoms, etc)
  • ~11 tops other than t shirts.
  • ~4 pairs of gloves.
  • ~8 hats or visors.
  • ~9 pairs of shoes.
  • ~14 sports related clothing.
  • ~2 belts.
  • ~1 onsie.
  • ~6 fancy dress items.
  • ~12 jackets.

  • So much stuff.

    I love bags, I have a bag addiction because I love to travel :). I also have a jacket “problem”, in that I love buying one new jacket every year. I don’t count community owned items in this, furniture, bathroom/food items, books, cars or decorations.

    Next step?
    Go through everything and figure out what is wasting away and needs to be donated or sold on ebay.

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    Mountain Biking: Round 2 of… Forest Road 550 + Shingle Mill Trail No. 725 + Sandy Wash.


    The day started out cold and with little snow flurries, but by the time I got to the trail it was blue skies and beautiful. It was so warm I wore shorts and just a light pullover. I did this trail Dec 13th, and loved it so I decided to do it again. I am already in better shape and it felt good to be able to do more, and not feel so out of breath going up some of the hills. I also found this little Sandy Wash trail at the end and did it twice it was so much fun.

    How much better shape? On Dec 13th I finished stage 1 of the ride in an hour and 20 minutes, this time it only took me an hour and 8 minutes.

    Total ride 24.4 miles with an average speed of 9.6mph and a high of 25.7 miles per hour. Ascent/descent of a little under 2000 feet.

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    2017 In Review.


    2017 was a good year, with a TON of life changes :). This year felt like I was finally exhaling after holding my breath for a very long time. Things also started to slow down compared to previous years.

    Work-wise the end of 2016 brought the end of World Wide Web Hosting LLC and Bweeb INC which was a big weight off my mind in 2017. I exited Pressed in June 2017, and although it did not end the way I wanted, I am happy the team landed with a great company (Envato). I spent the rest of the year resting, spending time with my family, and a few small side projects. It has been a much-needed break after the craziness of the last few years (2004 through 2016).

    The biggest change this year was the arrival of Calico Jack on December 30th, 2016. We are having such a blast with him! His mom loves to dress him up, and this is a spectacular family gif that represents why I love them so much :). It is fun to see his personality develop, and I love getting down on the floor to crawl and play!

    The Amazing
    Lindsey and I have been married for three years and it has been great :)! Marriage is crazy hard sometimes, and also super rewarding. It really does get better and better every year… and Lindsey is an awesome partner in crime!

    Boulder is starting to feel more and more like home. We were both so nomadic for so long it is a good feeling to have. I am loving the sunshine, instant access to nature, and our house.

    I sold my stake in Pressed to Envato in June, and I took the rest of the year off to relax and spend time with my family. This is the cumulation of all the chaos and hard work since 2014 and I am happy to have a break. I am also ready to be do something besides web hosting I think… I’ve been in that industry since 2001 (16+ years!).

    What fun stuff did I do this year?
    – Lindsey, Calico, and I went on an amazing month-long trip to Strasbourg France. We wanted to travel with him when he was a little and the timing was perfect. He was 5 months when we left, and 6 months when we got back. Just barely crawling, sleeping a lot, and a good travel baby. His nighttime schedule was chaos, but oh well. Rose & Steve visited which was a blast too. We had fun :).
    – I had a two week solo vacation to St. Maartin to help decompress after selling the business. It is incredibly challenging to sell a business and then start disconnecting all the routine and energy you built to support that endeavor. I took this break in July/August and in hindsight, it would have been smarter to take it later in the year. It took at least 3 to 4 months to feel like my energy levels were reset.
    – I took a 3-week trip with my dad to China. We visited my brother, who lives in Shanghai, and look around. The highlight was the Yellow Mountains and getting to spend time with my brother and dad (I wish I had more time with my brother as I had fun watching movies and hanging out). There are a ton of pictures from this trip here and a summary here.
    – I started working out with a trainer on my annular disc tear and it feels so much better. I found that I enjoy the strength training and started doing that 3x a week. I feel a lot stronger and it has been super fun.
    – I did a ton of hiking with Graham and Daniel this year, fun times! Daniel moved to Portland in June, but hopefully, I can make my way that way to visit and do some hiking there :).
    – I bought a super fun truck!
    – I launched a site for Entrepreneur Parents to crowdsource advice in that department. Check it out at It is just a fun project but it aligns with what I want to do next… which is to help entrepreneurs do amazing stuff. I’ve got another three sites coming down the pipeline in early 2018.
    April 23rd 2017 happened, it was magnificent.

    The Challenges!

    USA / Faith In Humanity:
    Trump. I have found it is key to remember he did not win a majority of the vote, and that the people who did vote for him did not really vote for him, rather they voted against politicians and a system that they feel has failed them (especially economically). I also remind myself how blessed I am to be living in interesting times, I just hope the country survives it.

    My health has been good. I’ve been doing a pretty strict diet, with some treats while on vacation. I just got a pill cam and the results were ok, the doctors think they further confirmed I have Crohn’s disease. The hardest part is the anxiety and I worked a lot this year to ease those worries. I plan to get back on my strict diet next week after Christmas (enjoying a little dairy, gf bread, and sugar right now).

    After the sale of Pressed, I took the rest of the year off to be with my family and rest. That has been really good and I am looking forward to some more rest through mid-2018. I need some wide open space as I figure out what is next for me.

    I am looking forward to 2018 :)! I am playing with some ideas on a new business that I have been kicking around for a few years.

    The sky is the limit…

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    Hiking Backpack For Calico!


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    Mountain Biking: Lair O’ The Bear


    My Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars.

    So the Lair O’ The Bear trail was rated intermediate, but I decided to go for it and it was tough. Initially, it is just a lot of climbing on some pretty intense terrain for a newbie, and over the 6 miles out to the turn around point, I had to walk about 5 spots. Usually, because a drop was a little too big for my confidence levels, or a little too rocky next to a 10 to 15-foot fall/roll, or because it was just super super rocky with a very tight line or no line I could see. I think once I am in better shape it will be more fun, but I was so winded by the time I got to some flowy stuff I was just spent.

    I also made a mistake and did not realize it was 6 miles out and back, I thought it was 12 miles out and back. Thus giving less elevation intense elevation gain. Oh well as it will help me get in better shape. I also went a bit slower and did some practice over the same spots that I struggled with. Going back was fun, but with my current bike, a lot of pogo stick action.

    Total ride of 13.15 miles with an average speed of 5.9mph and a high of 19 miles per hour. Ascent/descent of a little over 1700 feet. Maybe more telling is that when I look at my heart rate stats I spent 50 minutes in very hard and 1 hour and 3 minutes in very hard (avg heart rate 139, max at 161). I think my watch told me I should take a 37-hour break to recover, lol :).

    PS. I did wear some fox launch pro knee pads I bought so that when I fall it won’t jack my knee like last week. So far they are ok, but going to see after a few more rides.

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    Valmont Bike Park… Great place to learn to mountain bike in Boulder!


    Boulder has a sweet 42-acre bike park called the Valmont Bike Park! I wish I had found this earlier… it has a ton of practice area if you are learning to mountain bike as well as some insane jumps and other technical stuff. It is easy to get to via the bike trail system too. Check out some pictures here. Just keep in mind for all the insane ones you see there are some really easy ones that just help you learn.

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    Couch To 50km Bike Training…


    I was diagnosed with an annular disc tear in 2014 and I had to take a lot of time off so that could heal. I stopped running completely, and I really miss it (the pounding is just not the best for the injury…). I really want to find something that is as mentally rewarding as running and I am going to try mountain biking and some bike touring…

    I am doing a couch to 50km bike training challenge I found online. The goal is to get in better shape and spend time on a bike :). I am just about to start week 3… so far so good. I did bust up my knee last week on a mountain bike trail, but that was also the closest I’ve gotten to the calm zone running can bring. The intense focus of going really fast downhill doesn’t let you think about anything else. Running for a long time is like that but a little more flowy.

    My goal is…

    1. Get in better cardio shape. Especially so I can ride longer, and at higher elevations since I live in Colorado.
    2. I want to do the Danube Cycle Path at some point in 2018. So that would be a 600+ mile ride, and I’d want to do ~40 miles per day. If that is fun I want to do more of those long-distance cycle paths.
    3. Hiking/walking is awesome, but if I bike I can go a lot further and see a bit more of the world. I want to get comfortable doing trail rides of 20 to 40 miles a day and see how that goes.

    PS. You can download the 8 week program for couch to 50km here too. If you want a slower plan just double it and do week one for two weeks. I did that with a marathon training schedule many years ago too.

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    Truck Trip: Forest Road 550 to S Buffalo Creek Rd to Wellington Lake Road…


    After I finished biking I decided to do a forest road back to highway 287. So I turned off 126 onto Forest Road 550, then S Buffalo Creek Rd, then Wellington Lake Road until I hit 287. It was beautiful, a few ice patches but otherwise dry. Just nice dirt/gravel road in the middle of nowhere. I just got the truck so it was an extra fun drive :). I do not plan to do anything crazy with the truck beyond dirt/gravel roads, but I do enjoy that I can get further out on those to do some bike rides and feel confident knowing I can get back no matter the weather.

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    Mountain Biking: Forest Road 550 and Shingle Mill Trail No. 725


    My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars.

    Forest Road 550 is just my speed, the first 5.5 miles is a huge beautiful dirt road, with a ton of single track to either side. At 5.5 miles it hits another forest road and you can go left or right. Left is a gradual climb that eventually hits 126. Right goes forever and ends up at a lake and then 287. I went left and the climb was nice since I am trying to get in better shape. After 9 miles (since the start) I stopped and had a quick snack, and then took Shingle Mill Trail No. 725 back down.

    Shingle Mill Trail is FUN! I am really new to mountain biking and this felt like a fast trail without too many crazy parts. The total thing is 3.4 miles and I finished it in ~21 minutes with a few stops for bikers coming up it (which was a nice break to take photos). I fell twice, and caught myself once mid-fall. Usually, because I was going fast and some rough dirt/rock mix that I turned too quick on. Really fun and highly recommended trail. I am looking forward to going back once I am in better shape.

    Fun day, total ride 15.3 miles with an average speed of 8.9mph and a high of 24.5 miles per hour. Ascent/descent of a little under 1300 feet.

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    Calico Picks A Book!


    A really cool moment happened yesterday, I was reading to Calico and he stood up on the chair and choose a new book for me to read himself. At 11 months old he is starting to seem more and more like a lil person :). A few days he picked the below outfit off the couch and wore it like a cape and walked around the house being hilarious. Fun times :)

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    Coulson Gulch Trail: Mountain Biking & Hiking


    I am a newb when it comes to mountain biking on single track. I’ve done a lot of forest/logging roads but not much of anything else. I am trying to learn so I decided to do Coulson Gulch Trail. A local guide book rated it as “Technically easy to moderate with a few steep sections of rock and sand”. Unfortunately, I only made it 0.71 miles in before my back tire died :(… so I hiked the rest.

    It was a BEAUTIFUL hike. There is an abandoned cabin 1.8 miles in, and the canyons are stunning. I also found several deer legs that were pretty fresh so watch out for animals. The trail did not seem like it was used very often, pretty overgrown. Some old wagon trail road for part of it too.

    The book (referenced above) was written before the trail was washed away and a bridge (link goes to forest service details). I was able to leap from rock to rock to get across one area, but it is a mess. It made for some adventuring though. I walked along Button Rock Trail for about half a mile (which was amazing).

    Hiking? Beautiful and fun! If you are feeling adventurous cross the stream and go up Button Rock Trail. Watch out for bears.

    Biking? Good for about ~2 miles in max, and I am not sure it is really good for newbies. Pretty difficult with some of the washout, and a steam climb back which you are mostly walking.

    It was a blast driving the new truck on some dirt roads, and some off roady type things. So much fun :)

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    China Thoughts + Food + Translations


    China was a fun trip, it was fun to travel with my dad and finally see my brother and his city :). Next time I hope to see more of the countryside, and I’d love to travel along the historic silk road.

    The big thing that struck me is the incredible growth, and how well managed it has been over such a long period. It is not perfect by any measure but when I look at all the places I’ve visited none of them are even close to managing such incredible growth so well. I hope that continues.

    And, because of that, there is a real feeling of hope and optimism about the future that is awesome to see/feel. I might feel that in the presence of entrepreneurs or the tech community in the USA, but I don’t get that impression from most Americans. I am looking forward to seeing what the next 20 year holds as China grows. I do not see it as a zero sum game, and I think long term it will benefit the entire world.

    Some more pictures of the delicious chinese food we tried…

    Here are some of my favourite Chinese to English translations… I love these as they are so beautiful, and poetic.

    “The mountain is evaluating your quality as you are appreciating its beauty.”

    “Experience the history of the treasures and feel the passing of time.”

    “Civilized sightseeing is advocated in Mt. Huangsi.”

    “Leave behind your virtue and you’ll leave with the memory.”

    “The mountain is inspecting your behaviour while you are apprecating its beauty.”

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    Calico’s 2 Front Teeth!


    I had such a blast with Calico today, Lindsey went for a cooking lesson so we went on a big stroller ride… playground and a lot of swinging, climbing stuff, the library, the grocery store, etc. Good times!

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    America the Plutocracy.


    I am stunned this tax bill passed… I did not think it would. I am waiting to see how the house/senate reconcile the differences between the two versions before I do a longer post on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    It seems like every year I have a harder time believing I live in a Democratic Republic. With the huge amount of cash in politics it looks and feels like a Plutocracy. It is frustrating. At what point do the people we elect serve us, and not the super wealthy and corporations who fund their campaigns.

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    I bought a ridiculously fun toy!


    I had my heart on something 4×4 for a variety of reasons… I was 99% sure I was going to get a Toyota TRD Off Road, but then I went and test drove a Ford Raptor… it was so much fun!!! So went for it, it is the first new car I’ve ever bought :)

    Appropriately filed under “Dangers to World”…

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