Cool Music Video – Black Eyed Pees


I’m not sure why but I find this song and video slightly memorizing. Weird steam punk fantasy feel off parts of it.

Dark Rye Bread


I made two loaves of dark herb bread last night! I even substituted oil for pesto to see how that would work (deliciously if you were wondering!). They have Rosemary, garlic, and parsley in them. Thanks to Lindsey for a lot of the ingredients!

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Bergen Peak Trail Run


Just got back from trying the Bergen Peak trail run. It was really good although I’m not used to the elevation gain during the initial part of the run. The trail was low on rocks for the most part and pretty soft on the feet, the backside still had snow on it though but walked a good chunk of that. Ended up running the first three miles which was a ton of elevation gain, walking a mile, then running another 3, walking a mile, and running the last half mile. Good little run especially when it warms up, and there are some trails in the plains below it if I had wanted to extend the run by 3 to 4 miles.

Working on getting my runs back up to an hour as winter always drags me down to only 40 to 50 min. Running on a treadmill just sucks for any longer then that.

Some good info on this trail below:
Map, Review, and pictures!
Info and Driving Directions. It’s past lakewood after I70 and not too far from Denver.

What Happens In Discos With No Shoes


I did not make a wise choice when I decided to dance barefoot in the disco as all I had were flip flops. Apparently what I thought were plastic cups under my drunken feet were shards of glass, luckily I couldn’t feel any of this. I left a trail of blood everywhere.

And this is around 5am when the pain feels a little more real.

And my fav pic from the trip:

What I Love About Italy?


What I love most (and hate if you are there) about Italy is that they will never be any kind of economic threat to the rest of the world, ever… Why might you ask? Because if you are wanting to buy a drink at a disco, you might think oh i’ll go buy a drink, but nay, you must first buy a ticket in a very long line, and then after that you must go to another line to present that ticket for that drink, oh and they don’t really take credit cards very well, and they have nothing like a tray to hold all the orders. I’m so glad I was not born in Italy as I would have shot myself in my sober sober head years ago from frustration. I encountered this again with sandwiches etc. My only guess is they like lines, or they like to pretend they are employing twice as much people, or they like being inefficient.

I exaggerate a little as I wasn’t that frustrated (mostly cause they have a lot of cheap wine which makes you very patient), but it is very evident they will never be able to complete globally with the USA and China’s and even Japans of the world. It’s just sad to see. Beautiful country through, and at least they make great ice cream.

I am also biased as I HATE their “soccer” team, I use quote marks as their team is mostly just a bunch of pussy actors who spend their time practicing their dives. And when I start to love a head butting french man over you, you might be in trouble as a country.

Venice was absolutely amazing, most expensive place I’ve ever been though. Go for a day or two and see a dieing city and just imagine how amazing it would have been 300 or 400 years ago.

Italy Trip


It was a great trip, the beach tournament was fun and after a few days feeling more confident in that I know how to play on the beach. After that headed to Cique Terra and Venice, not a lot of pictures but most are from those locations.

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