The Silver Lining Of Trump.


What is the silver lining of Trump?

I think it will be good for this country to lose the narrative that we are the greatest country on earth. I think it will be fantastic for Americans to get a kick in the face and realize that we have lost the lead in so many areas compared to other countries (so fucking many). I think we will be much better as a people/nation if we feel we are the underdogs and have to actually fight for what and who WE are. We like competition, we just forgot we had to be competitive…

Trump is the epitome of everything I hate about this country. A narcissistic selfish individual who thinks he is self-made but is not in anyway self-made. Someone who believes his opinions = science. Someone who loves gaudy shitty stuff. And, he is the worst type of leader who plays to our fears. This is a terrifying time as the current world order is built on American leadership and American security guarantees. When you lack leadership in a country that is the backdrop of security in the world, historically conflict has followed.

It makes me think of this hilarious Louis CK skit about white people and how the future is going to treat us :).

“I don’t want to go into the future to find out what happens to white people, we are going to pay hard for this shit. We are not going to just fall from #1 to #2, they are going to hold us down and fuck us in the ass forever, and we totally deserve it. But for now, weeeeeeeeeee!”

Seems kinda similar for Americans, especially depending on if we get our shit together and fight global warming before WE destroy the planet for humans.

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