Lindsey cracks me up :)


She sent me this today, quite funny :)

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I do not think I can vote for Joe Biden.


This is a hard one to say, but I do not think I can vote for Joe Biden if he is the candidate.

Joe Biden is a symbol of everything that led us to the current situation. One where not enough was down to make sure there is a real safety net and that everyone in this country benefits from the prosperity we enjoy. I am tired of a Democratic party that does not provide real solutions to the problems the middle class and poor face in this country. A dark part of me would rather Trump get another 4 years and for it to get even worse so that people wake up and start realizing we need real solutions to the deep structural issues we have created in this country.

I am struggling to bring myself to vote for such a bland centrist whose only idea on how to fix the country is to put him in power so he can go back to how things were. I do not want to go back to how things were, I am tired of ignoring the many structural problems we have in this country. IMO… Biden sees Trump as the disease, but I think he is the symptom. His supporters, as well as Democrats, have been fucked over for years. Trump is a symptom of a broken American dream. Replacing Trump will do nothing to staunch the bleeding if you don’t fix the wound. Biden can’t fix that wound. He will put a little bandaid on it and we risk it become a massive infection…


Live shot of the democratic party right now:

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