Grantchester TV Show Recommendation


I just finished season 3 of Grantchester and highly recommend it. A clergyman and cop solve crimes in an era right after WW2. Fun stuff and def worth a watch. Endeavour is another good one. I love murder mysteries if they are done well :)

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Morning Rehab = 600 Days


I’ve made it 600 days straight with morning rehab, and it is time to say goodbye :). My back is feeling a lot better, and instead of doing lite rehab every morning I am switching to doing three 45 minute strength building session weekly. I am really proud that I made it 600 days straight. That kinda stuff is really challenging, and I struggled for a long time.

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Comic books…


I do not know where I got these, probably a flea mall, but they were comics I had since I was really little. I read them over and over. I can remember buying some comics when I was older and they got popular, but these were my favs.

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Good Break In St. Maarten!


Lindsey and Calico headed back to Arkansas for 2 weeks to visit family, so I found a cheap ticket to Sint Maarten for some much needed R&R. It was nice to have so much vacation you are ready to go home, and it gave me a ton of time to clear my mind and reset after my exit from Pressed/WWWH.

Apart from my first bad sunburn in like 8 years it was a great trip. I had a couple breaks from my diet, had my first rum in a 1.5 years, and read a ton. I love St. Maartin, it is my 3rd time there, last trips were in 2011 and 2010.

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Do I miss anything about my 20s?


I turned 36 a few weeks ago and I was thinking about the last 18 years and if I missed anything from that period. My favorite age is the age I am now and the only thing I was thinking about is that buzzing *new* energy you have in your mid-20s. Everything is just extra exciting, you haven’t done it before, you do not know where the night is going, you do not know what is going to happen, and it just feels so new and exciting. This doesn’t necessarily disappear as you get older, but it changes into a different kind of feeling. It is hard to describe. In your 20s it just has such an exciting edge to it.

Looking back I just really value that experience and feeling. I can remember sitting with friends and drinking or doing a power hour before going out and what a great feeling it was. There are some good memories in there :).

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