Bike Training 2.0 Thoughts.


When I did that last bike trip to France my legs held up pretty well, but my butt was sore as hell and that was the biggest factor in the ride from a pain perspective. The month before the trip I did 13 days on my bike, a total of 26 hours, with 5 rides over 30 miles. I don’t think that was enough to be as ready as I’d like to be…

On the ride, my average daily miles was ~41 miles and around 3 hours 20 minutes. What I can find online says that a good rule of thumb is to be doing 3 rides a week that mimic what you are going to do on the bike tour (for at least 2 to 3 weeks before). Or at least the mileage/time in some format. So if my training needs to ramp up to at least 3 rides a week of 40 miles / 3.5 hours that is ~120 miles a week, and more importantly around 10.5 hours on the bike.

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