Vaccine appointment made!!!


Lindsey and I are super excited to get our first vaccine shot in early July… which should mean we are fully vaccinated by mid-August. Once Portugal announced our age group was eligible we just had to submit our health number on the website. Then we got a text to confirm our appointment. The entire process took 5 minutes :).

Health care in Portugal is FUCKING amazing. We had an appointment with a pediatric doctor for Calico yesterday and he talked to us for an hour. No rush, he wanted to know everything. And, even though the appointment was at 4 pm he was ON TIME. It just makes me despise the entire American system even more. They should just call American health care “money” as there is no health nor any care happening within it unless you just get lucky.

I had a follow-up this week after my day at the Hospital and the experience was glorious. The doctor was perfectly on time and he had actually read everything in my file BEFORE MY APPOINTMENT. Have you ever had a doctor read anything about you before they meet you? Let alone review all the data??? Then, he went through all my numbers one by one to explain what they were in detail. He was not in a rush and it was a great chat. It makes me tear up just thinking about it because I actually feel like he cares and he spent time preparing for the appointment.

Fuck American “health care”.

No country is perfect and we had a bad doctor experience prior to the good one with Calico. But, the American system is a giant steaming pile of shit. It needs to be destroyed and rebuilt using the best parts of Europe and Asia. We have utterly failed as a country in this regard.

Update 1 – I got my first one on July 6th, 2nd on August 3rd. And, Lindsey got her first one July 21st… almost there :)

Update 2 – Got my 2nd shot on August 3rd. No side effects apart from being tired and a bit out of it. I am so excited as I’ll be fully covered by August 18th, go science!

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