Calico starting to walk!!!


So exciting, and he wants to run so badly :). Started about 3 weeks ago, and just getting better and better every day.

And, I like this one, as he was being a gubber!

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Entrepreneurship + Parenthood


My article on my fears around being a parent and entrepreneur got posted on the EO blog, check it out at Facing Your Fears: Parenthood and Entrepreneurship. Hopefully, it is a good read :).

I also started a site called Entrepreneur Parents which features crowdsourced advice from entrepreneurs on some questions around being a parent + entrepreneur. As well as a section for spouses to share their wisdom too. For example, What is the #1 piece of advice you would give to an entrepreneur who is about to be a parent? And, so far we have 3 great answers!

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China: Hang Zhou + West Lake


We took a short train ride out to Hang Zhou, and I have to agree with the old Chinese saying that it is one of the most beautiful cities in all of China. I love West Lake and we spent all our time walking around it and enjoying some nature. Beautiful spot!

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China: Beijing!


We hit a bit of a wall in Beijing and took a good number of days to rest (so funny!). We went to the national museum, forbidden palace, walked around a bit, and Tiananmen Square. Our hotel is awesome, so we enjoyed some break days to use the sauna and relax which was nice.

The below pictures should hopefully give you a feel for this part of our trip, the light was pretty harsh so not a ton of great photos.

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China: Great Wall!


Today we went to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall outside of Bejing. Pretty cool :). You can see from the pictures how polluted it was today though, ~190 or so.

I have to admit, one of the coolest things is they have a giant metal toboggan you can take down, it was wicked fun! There was a small pileup that delayed my run time, I could have gone faster.

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China: The Yellow Mountains are incredible!


I do not have words for how unique and amazing this place is. It is a wonder of the world and so utterly amazing!!!!

I wish I had my nice camera with me, but I decided to shed the weight and only bring my iPhone with me. The mountains are at about 4000 to 45000 feet high, and free of pollution. The haze you see is either clouds / water vapor. We were here in the dry season and got lucky on weather with a ton of sunshine. Usually, it is foggy for ~250 days of the year. We spent 2 night here, in two different hotels. There were a TON of steps up and down and we did a lot of walking. If you can’t do a lot of steps I recommend just a one day visit and to stay at a hotel near a skycar.

And, some short 5 to 10 second videos to better see it :)

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I want to get Lindsey one of these :)


For her to drive around in Boulder :). Babyseat or me in the back!

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China: Tour + Old Village


My dad and I left Shanghai and took a high-speed train about 4 hours away to meet up with a guide for 4 days (around Huangshan). She is going to take us all over the yellow mountains and local area.

The first stop was an old village you will see below. It was old to us yanks, but not in the grand scheme of Chinese history. It was very cool to see, and especially to see the domestic tourist industry in action. Quite a few Chinese people who haven’t seen many foreigners would ask to take a picture with you. It was fun :). I think a lot of them are from smaller cities and rural areas.

Some of these pictures are not great, but at least you get a general idea of what the village was like. Along with some pics from the train and car ride of the countryside :).

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China: Shanghai Dumpling Tour


My dad and I did an amazing food tour a few days back so we decided to do one focused just on dumplings next (I LOVE dumpings, it was 90% dumplings and 10% a few other delicious things). It was fantastic and run by UnTour. I liked the first food tour a little better, but they were both great! This one was unique as at the end we got to make our own shrimp dumplings in a kitchen :). Very fun!

Our dumplings tasted great even if they all looked a little funny, so much fun :)

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China: Cool Park + 1st Party Congress


In the distance a state of art skyscraper that is the 2nd tallest in the world, and in the foreground an old park. Maybe not old for China, but old for the yanks.

We went to the museum of the 1st party congress, it was interesting. I like that it had a gift shop :). I was a bit surprised but all the exhibits were in English as well. I guess they get a lot of foreign visitors and want to make sure they know their narrative.

We also went to a beautiful old garden, it was maze-like and a blast!

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China: Shanghai Park + Crazy Ads


So far in Shanghai, we’ve had one day that was really really polluted and the rest have been beautiful. The one day was disgusting, I went for a short run and could feel it in my lungs burning. I bet in 10 years they have the pollution under more control.

Here is a park I went too and read for a while at, it was a really nice green space:

And, here are some interesting ads (“they” are trying to make Halloween a big thing here):

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