New Touring Bike! Salsa Marrakesh…


I bought a new bike today! A Salsa Marrakesh and it is very fun to ride :). My current bike is a Giant 29er from 2011, so any bike I try feels like a massive upgrade. I bought this one to start training so I can try bike touring… I’ve got a trip planned for July in France and I am going to follow one of the smaller Euro Velo routes. Plus, I want to get in better cardio shape.

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Recession Time?!?!?!?


Man what an awesome time to be alive in this world :)

And scary… but that is also kinda fun. I just want to see if Trump is going to start a trade war and how that affects this new globalized world we all live in. Will it cause a true depression? Recession? War even? Or maybe even help despite every economist you can find saying it is a terrible idea? Or not even make it to implementation due to incompetence? Or just be a blip that gets rolled back in 2 to 4 years?

I find it odd that Republicans want to help the country through trade protection but don’t want to protect the labor that creates those goods inside this country. Minimum wage increases or even match inflation? Nope… Increase the social safety net? Nope, they want to tear it down. Fixing health care so people can afford it? Nope…

Fun times :)

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