Are you afraid of Nazi Zombies?


Because you should be!

And luckily I learned this fact watching Dead Snow. Click prior link to see the trailer. Premise of the movie? Nazi zombies emerge from the snow in Sweden or Norway or one of those? And a group of nice medical students having fun for the holiday in a isolated mountain cabin get in a little bit of trouble.

Some amazingly awesome scenes of gore. Entertaining as hell.

Liquor And Cleats, DC Rally, and Harvest


Over the last few weeks I’ve have had a blast, I played Fright Flight with Liquor and Cleats, went to the Rally To Restore Sanity, and then played Harvest with our college alumni team back in Fayetteville. Liquor and Cleats got second at Fright Flight and our Alumni team lost in semis at Harvest, but we did win the spirit disc (and both were costume tournaments with great people which are always fun). Fright Flight is one of the funniest tournaments I’ve played in and I’m really looking forward to playing Paga in Italy again this year.

Some pictures of the DC rally below:



I just reread a book my dad recommended to me as a kid, that book is Wolfen and it is hands down one of the scariest fracking books I have ever read. I strongly recommend reading it and then trying to walk around in the dead of night without wondering if you are being hunted, or sleep and try not to dream of the wolfen stalking you.

I also love this book, and any book, that takes a myth and turns it into our reality. In this book they take the myth of werewolves and try to explain them scientifically, why we haven’t discovered them, and a lot more. And it seems pretty believable.

Fun fact, I wrote was a short sequel to Wolfen for an english clash in 7th grade. It was what you call a “classy” short story involving a native american rambo type character, gatling guns, explosions, and Wolfen hunting pack tearing people apart. A real thinker.

Book Review: Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong…


I don’t often post book recommendations on the blog, in fact I’ve only written two full blog posts on books this year, the rest just get a small blurb on the big list. So keep that in mind as the title of this book I’m about to recommend should scare you away, the title is Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong: Why We Love France but Not the French.

So the title sounds a bit weird but the book is absolutely amazing! I’ve visited France three or four times over the last couple years and I’ve been trying to learn more about french culture and history and this book is the answer, it is as if someone forced a book on french history, french politics, and french business outlook to have menage a trois and this book is the baby. The book is well written, well researched, and well laid out.

And a quick example, I’ve been involved with computers for a long time and I’ve never heard of the Minitel yet after a chapter of reading about it in this book I was stunned. This was basically a very successful precursor to the internet that launched in 1982, a mere year after I was born. This little networked device could do online dating, message boards, buy airline or train tickets, order stuff, porn, etc. Crazy that I’ve never heard of it.

So go buy this book if you want to learn how France works. It is great to learn more about another democracy that continually chooses a different path then the USA. And hopefully we can pull some ways to change our system out of the mistakes they have made, and the things they are doing very well.


The other book I strongly recommended this year is War (Click Here to learn more about it). A documentary is also going to come out about the author and the soldiers he wrote about.

St. Maartin, Florida, DC, Etc…


St. Maartin was beautiful (as expected) and I had a great trip. The plane had a small bit of trouble landing and we had to spend the first day in Puerto Rico before the high winds died down. But after that all was good. I read a ton of books, tried a lot of different rums, and didn’t work too much. It also reminded me why the south got nothing done prior to the invention of air conditioning, it is impossible to work a job where you sit for more then a few hours in hot humidity. I walked around ~1/8th of the island and made it to the French side, the entire coast was amazing, and some of the houses are insane. And somehow I managed not to get sun burn.

Florida is getting hit way worse then Denver or Arkansas or other places in the USA I’ve visited lately. I’m guessing because the real estate market had so much further to crash… I was pretty stunned. Washington DC was awesome as usual, played in a beach tournament which was a blast and had a great time visiting friends! Looking forward to moving there late this year.

Great trip!

And btw if anything on my blog is misspelled, or the grammar makes you wince, just suck it up. I usually write these pretty fast and I’m only half as bad when I slow down.

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