Terminator Salvation


Blah, better than the last one but still not spectacular.

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Wolverine and Angels and Demons


Wolverine: Suck

Angels and Demons: Ok but really killed the plot in a complicated way. Heard a few people getting confused, was funny.

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Movie Review: Star Trek



Way to just take a cereal box plot and apply it to every universe you can buy the rights too. Suck. Sure it was entertaining but it could be so much more if you put some fraking thought into the movies you make. This will die after 1 to 2 sequels and we will be left until some director with some brass balls makes something a lot better.

Going to try Wolverine and Terminator next.

Best Running Cities So Far…


I’m hanging out in Washington D.C. and visiting Iris, although she had to split a few days after I got here for a trip she had planned. She has an awesome apartment in a great area so its been nice to have that all to myself. The weather has been amazing, 60 to 80 degrees and sunny or just a little overcast.

Out of all the cities I’ve been too here are the best running cities…

1. Washington D.C. – Awesome trails all over and off the roads. I love that they have hiking all over the middle of the city and parks. Or at least where Iris lives.

2. Fayetteville AR – Only because the new bike trail.

3. Denver CO – Since I leave near the park, although I need to try out their long bike trail but I’ll have to drive to get near it. I’ll reeval once I start driving to go trail running this summer and Fall too.

4. Dublin Ireland – Mostly doesn’t have good areas but Rose leaves near a really great park with a nice long running trail around and through it. Seems to really depend on your area.

5. Boca Raton FL – Not that great, everything is near the road and side walks are many times broken with little or no warning.

Not mentioned as they don’t really have people who run due to pollution and donkey traffic, Egypt.

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