Swiss Family Robinson Tree Found!!


Check out this awesome article here about finding the tree used in the filming of swiss family robinsons! I’ve been wanting to go to Tobago for a few years to try to find it, I think I’ll plan a trip and it will not be easier to find that, their swimming area, and their beach! Awesome! (Maybe for my birthday!)

As a kid seeing the fake tree as disney world was awesome. I always wanted to live in a tree.

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AirBnb Is Frustrating Me… Not Impressed.


I’ve been trying to book a place in San Francisco for about a week through AirBnb and so far 3 people have turned us down saying they are booked during that period. What the hell is the point of using Air BNB if nobody tells them if they are booked during that time. Worthless!

Frustrating experience.

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