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Lindsey and I made the drive up to Denver from Arkansas and are all settled in a temporary AirBNB place while we look for a long term place to stay. We got stuck for a few days due to the big snowstorm that blew through. In the spirit of life is a circle I am going to use the same image of Denver as I did when I moved here in October 2008 :) .


We are very excited to be settling down a bit! Last year was very fun, but moving every 2 to 3 months can get a bit old. I am personally very excited to have a separate office again :).

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My New Crack House…


So Joel and I bought a house this last week in Denver, its a bit of a fixer upper but in a very good location, here are some pictures :)

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Holy Shit Post: Moving…


How the hell have I accumulated so much crap, between all my cold weather gear and books I’ve bought in Denver I’m already up to about 4 big boxes which is ridiculous. Moving out of the church June 1st or shortly after so I am franticly cramming everything in boxes as work has been super super busy the last few weeks (buying half a house). Especially since I’m headed to South Africa June 11 to meet up with Karl and see that World Cup thing. Did you know it was winter in the southern hemisphere right now? Because I didn’t. Frack.

Bergen Peak Trail Run


Just got back from trying the Bergen Peak trail run. It was really good although I’m not used to the elevation gain during the initial part of the run. The trail was low on rocks for the most part and pretty soft on the feet, the backside still had snow on it though but walked a good chunk of that. Ended up running the first three miles which was a ton of elevation gain, walking a mile, then running another 3, walking a mile, and running the last half mile. Good little run especially when it warms up, and there are some trails in the plains below it if I had wanted to extend the run by 3 to 4 miles.

Working on getting my runs back up to an hour as winter always drags me down to only 40 to 50 min. Running on a treadmill just sucks for any longer then that.

Some good info on this trail below:
Map, Review, and pictures!
Info and Driving Directions. It’s past lakewood after I70 and not too far from Denver.

Snowboarding And The Irish!


Steve and Rose visited for a week from Ireland which was a blast! Big thanks to Chappy and Liz for letting us stay at their house and Liz for teaching us all how to snowboard and getting us a big discount on our passes! Apart from a small fluke wrist fracture Steve suffered we all did well and by the end of our second day were able to turn! A few more days and we would probably be falling a lot less. I’ll try to post some photos and videos when Rose posts them.

I had one monster fall where I hit the back of my head, thank god for helmets or my brain would be splattered all over the snow. I switched from Regular to Goofy on my second day and I think that is going to be the way I go in the future, but a bit tough to switch everything in your feet and mind. By the end of that day it was going well and I can see how addictive snowboarding could be.

Staying In Denver Another Year.


I’ve decided to stay in Denver for another year, so I’ll be here through June 2011 it sounds like. We are going to find a new place to live in April/May, hopefully closer to a neighborhood we like a little better. Next week I’m heading to Vegas for a big ultimate frisbee tournament plus it is going to be Dmarsh, BBustin, and my brother’s birthday. Should be fun. And then when I get back from that Rose and Steve will be here and going to spend a lot of that week skiing with them! And hopefully I’ll be going skiing during the week a few times after that, and working on cross country skiing as I would like to be good at that.

Work is going well, and just got really busy as we took on some additional business which is quite fun!

Travel wise the year is looking awesome. In a few months I’m taking a few weeks vacation to explore Japan! Then in April I’m going to Italy for a short weekend trip as Iris got a bid to Paganello (massive ultimate beach tournament), and I’m going to play with her mixed team. Extra fun as it should be a lot of Arkansas people and hopefully Daniel and Joel go. And then me and a friend scored tickets to the World Cup in South Africa which I will be going too in early July. South Africa is being nuts on airfare pricing but its a once in a life time opportunity, so worth it.

Oh, and I’m trying to complete the 100 Book Challenge for 2010, which means I’m trying to read 100 books in 2010. So roughly 9 books a month, so far I’m almost done with my 4th and almost on track. I’m posting mini reviews as I go too.

Also, here is an interview we did a few months ago for Work, I’m pretty proud of it as we don’t sound like idiots. Although I did repeat a lot of words over and over and over, oh well, she was really nice and it was fun!

Sledding 2.0


I’ve been having a hard time finding the perfect sled for this year but luckily Slate has a great article on the best sleds and I went with the Airboard 180! Rumor is you can go up to 80 miles an area, control your direction easily since it has ridges on the bottom, and go off jumps with little worry besides fear of death! It is the only sled that is advertised as needing a helmet.

First Or Maybe Second Snow!


This isn’t even the first snow, but it is the first one that is kinda sticking. I flew back from Texas on Thursday and it was snowing earlier that day. And today I wake up to this and flakes falling from the heavens!

First Snow!

You can already ski at a few of the higher up places which people say is crazy. I went in with some other people to split a house up in Frisco, so going to be able to go up there during the week and chill and hopefully sled!

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Braveheart = Awesome


braveheartSuch a great movie, go watch it and realize how awesome it is… Bam!

Mel Gibson = Great Director.

Beautiful Week, And Now It Is Snowing!


We had a great week of 70 degree weather and now it is snowing again. Very odd considering it was 60 degrees today and somehow down to snow temp by midnight. Very pretty outside though and supposed to be back up to 70 very soon.

I’m heading back to Fayetteville this week to see my little sister with her debut performance in Foot Loose the play. I hear she is amazing :)! And then for Lizzie’s graduation, and then me and Lizzie are going to Tybee Island for a few weeks to relax on a beach. Then we are driving back to Fayetteville, packing up, and driving back to Denver. And by then there should be no occurrences of snow.

If the University of Arkansas is listening you suck, I can’t wait for you to call me to try to dig some money out of me, you will never get it and I will tell you flat out the bureaucratic idiots you have at that school need to be flushed. Universities are supposed to help people graduate, not make their lives living hell.

El Blizardo…


Well we have been hit, not sure if I am going to be able to drive down to Kansas for the tournament or what is up… We will know in the morning.

Denver Blizard And Not From Dairy Queen

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Ski Adventure 2009!


I finally went skiing (cross country) for the first time and it was awesome! Ended up going back and renting skis again a few days later and did a trail on our own on some far away snowy mountain. Here are some pictures of me and Lizzie trying to trudge through very deep snow and falling on slippery ice. Going to start going as its good for me to get out of the house and see that bright bright object in the sky.

Fun With A Heat Sensor At Denver Museum


The Denver museum has this awesome camera setup that shows heat signatures on your body. Was a blast to play with, we filled our mouths with cold water from water fountains to see how long it took to turn that, measured how much heat your clothes trapped, and a lot more!

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Denver Aquarium, Not Too Shabby


My family is in town for Christmas which has been nice despite working so much. Today we went down to the Denver Aquarium which now holds the award of being the only aquarium I’ve ever been too that has Tigers. What is up with that? A pretty good aquarium although I get bored by all the American fish which just seem so boring and brown. The shark room was amazing and the environments they built were pretty cool as well.

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Denver Zoo Rocks!


It was almost 70 degrees in Denver today so I decided to go to the zoo instead of working all day… It was a great choice as the Denver Zoo rocks, its one of the better zoos I’ve ever been too and I highly recommend a visit. Some of the fish displays were as good as a well run aquarium, they had tons of different kinds of monkeys, huge komodo dragons, baby red pandas, hyenas, lions, bears, polar bears, penguins, tons of birds, a tropical house, and tons more. I had a great time and can’t wait to go back!

All the photos are with my iPhone so the quality is shit. I joined the Denver Zoo as a member so I can go whenever I want plus a free guest. It will be a nice break in the heart of winter to go chill in the warm tropical rooms and read and hang out with my friend the three toed sloth.

PS, they had way way too many snakes.

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