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Morning Rehab = 600 Days


I’ve made it 600 days straight with morning rehab, and it is time to say goodbye :). My back is feeling a lot better, and instead of doing lite rehab every morning I am switching to doing three 45 minute strength building session weekly. I am really proud that I made it 600 days straight. That kinda stuff is really challenging, and I struggled for a long time.

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Streaks Update + 30 Day Challenges


How are my steaks doing? I am up to 445 days on meditation and doing sessions of 20 minutes. And, I am up to 515 days straight of my morning workout. That is pretty awesome and it has been a hard struggle that has gotten easier with time.

What challenges have I done lately?

1. 30 day challenge to not eat in front of the TV.
2. 30 day challenge to do a nightly mood log of nice things I did that day.

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JOA – 365 Days Of Morning Rehab!



I hit 365 consecutive days of morning rehab workout :)!!!!

And 295 days of consecutive meditation. It would be 365 for both but during a work conference where I went to sleep late and had to wake up at 5am I forgot to meditate. My morning rehab is 7 minutes of planks to help strengthen my back (annular disc tear). I very slowly built up to a daily meditation practice of 20 minutes.

Any tips?

I am not sure they will help, but here is what I wish I could have told myself.

Be patient with yourself :). For the first part of the year I was struggling to do my rehab and meditation as the first thing of my day. That took a good 6 months to get going. But, for the last ~5 months as soon as I am out of bed I do rehab and meditation. Now I am trying to add my big morning workouts and foundation training to the start of my day before work.

For meditation, the sooner you jump to 20 minutes the better IMO. After ~15 days of 20 minutes it feels normal and I feel a lot more comfortable doing it. Sometimes I have meditations that are easy and in the zone, and other times my mind is like an energetic wet puppy. Regardless I think it does some good.

PS, I heard about jar of awesome concept on a Tim Ferris podcast and loved the idea. So I am going to see how well it works out for me. .

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JOA – 100 Days Of Meditation


I just hit 100 consecutive days of morning meditation! Yay! If I hadn’t missed 1 day in March when I was up at 5am for a conference I would be hitting 163 :). My next goal is 180 days…

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 15.01.50

I’ve been trying to build a daily morning meditation practice since 2014 and it has been a real challenge. 2015 was a mess, with some months hitting it almost every day, and others only 1 or 2 times for the entire month. 2016 has been awesome though, I’ve been able to hit it almost every morning (big props to the Streaks App for helping in that regard.

PS, I heard about jar of awesome concept on a Tim Ferris podcast and loved the idea. So I am going to see how well it works out on a blog.

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