Customer dev interviews, pretty cool!


It has been about 5 weeks since I started back full time on a new business. I’ve been doing a ton of customer development interviews to test assumptions and try to narrow in on where we want to build our product. What are customer development interviews?

“Meeting with customers during the early stages of a new product definition provides an understanding of the underlying needs, opinions, and motivations behind their behavior. It validates assumptions about the problems we are willing to solve and informs a value proposition. At the same time, we have the chance to develop ideas or hypotheses to be tested with a successive quantitative research.” More here…

Basically, they are a way to learn what problems people are having, test if they are really trying to fix them with time/money, and test your own guesses. As you learn more you keep refining the interview until you feel you are ready to start building. And, the hope is you can get 5 to 10 beta clients who are willing to commit before you build your product. This is a new process so I have been learning a lot. I wish I had used this at past businesses :).

So, where am I at?

  • I’ve done 31 interviews on general meeting frustrations.
  • I’ve done 16 interviews around employee retention.
  • I’ve done 2 interviews on meeting solutions we have narrowed it down to and think we want to build a product around.
  • I’ve got another 20+ interview lined up to further test what we have narrowed down the problem too.

I really like the process and I’ve gained some insights we would not have found elsewhere. I’ll update where we end up as we figure it out…

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Elephant head candle stick holder.


I bought this in college and loved it, it always made me laugh. I think it came from sky mall (RIP). I wanted to mount it on the front door of our house but Lindsey did not like that idea :). Goodbye elephant head candlestick holder, may you find a new home through goodwill.

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Great pictures of Calico :)


Lindsey took these and they are just fantastic for capturing some of his amazing personality :)

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Calico’s First Real Snow :)


We got a crazy snow day in October in Boulder, and Calico enjoyed it :). He has been watching Snowy Day on Amazon and was prepared with his red snow suit.

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