Holy Shit Post: Moving…


How the hell have I accumulated so much crap, between all my cold weather gear and books I’ve bought in Denver I’m already up to about 4 big boxes which is ridiculous. Moving out of the church June 1st or shortly after so I am franticly cramming everything in boxes as work has been super super busy the last few weeks (buying half a house). Especially since I’m headed to South Africa June 11 to meet up with Karl and see that World Cup thing. Did you know it was winter in the southern hemisphere right now? Because I didn’t. Frack.

New MIA Video: Gingers!


This is a great music video, very creepy and as a Ginger we know this is coming and we will fight!

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Awesome Independent Art? (Store)


I’m not really sure what independent art means? Isn’t all art independent or has it been taken over? But I do love this site and their work, check out Resist Today, it features the work of a small group of visual artist who sell prints, wallets, bags, shirts, pillows, etc. Just awesome awesome designs, here are a few:

Check out their products at Resist Today, I wish them luck!

A Too Short Of A Trip To Ireland


I flew over to Ireland for the weekend to surprise Iris, Rose, and Steve and had an absolutely amazing amazing time! Watched some rugby, drank one or two Guinness, danced, and somehow managed to stay up for 40 hours that first day / night. Thanks to Rose and Steve for putting me up in their awesome new gaff!

I ended up delaying my return for a few days because I was having so much fun! I went to Galway and the Clifts of Moher with Elizabeth and it was great to see Ireland when the sunshine was out. It made me realize when I was living there how much less sun you see in Dublin. My flight was probably just 20 minutes from getting canceled Wednesday and I should have just stayed through Sunday (Volcano screwed me by about 30 minutes)! No decisions should be made prior 10am when it comes to leaving a country :) (and in general).

Getting back was a bit rough, on the ride home from the airport I got a call about a massive work emergency which has occupied every minute of the last two days, it is ok now though (enshallah) and a lot of work to do to ensure it never happens is finished.

Here are some pictures from my iPhone, not great quality but I forgot my normal camera.

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