Busy Last 3 Months!


Last 3 months basically, or however google breaks them up into periods. Been really busy but good! Especially considering there were at least 5 weeks of traveling in there too.

1,455 Emails Sent
11,856 Emails Received

1,162 Emails Sent
12,367 Emails Received

1,270 Emails Sent
13,055 Emails Received

51 meetings on my calendar.
71 meetings.
77 meetings.

Poor Italy & Crazy Pakistan


I’ve posted previously on my love of Italy since they will never be any kind of economic threat due to their “sandwich” economic policies. Any country that makes you stand in line to buy a ticket, then to stand in another line to trade your ticket for your sandwich is a danger to the world. Anyway, it turns out their best and brightest are fleeing the country as well. Which was inevitable given their sandwich policies and terrible political leadership.

Faced with soaring unemployment and declining economic activity, young Italians are following previous generations in seeking their fortunes abroad, disillusioned by an economy in which graduates must often take precarious and menial jobs.

Data from Italian statistical institute ISTAT show that the proportion of emigrants who have a degree has doubled between 2001 and 2010, to 15.9 percent of all migrants.

In the crazy news blasphemy charges are on the rise in Pakistan. So what might get you charged with blasphemy which carries the death penalty?

Recent cases have included a teacher who made a mistake setting homework, a man who threw away a business card belonging to a man name Mohammed, and a Pakistani Christian girl, Rimsha Masih, who was accused of burning pages of Muslim holy texts last year.

The teenager was cleared by a court after it emerged that she may have been framed by a cleric trying to evict Christians from his area. She and her family are now in hiding.

At first I thought an Onion article slipped into the real news except the last one is scary. Who hasn’t wanted to charge their teacher with blasphemy for assigning homework…

Best Socks I’ve Ever Had


I run a fair amount and over the last couple years I’ve bought a wide variety of socks from SockGeek, running stores, Zappos, etc in an effort to find a good pair that will last.

I am ready to crown a king! The Darn Tough Run – Merino Wool No-Show Cushion are the winners by a long shot. I first bought 3 pairs of these back in 2009 and they are still freaking awesome, not a single won has worn out or anything. They are great for trail running, street running, normal wear, cold and hot weather, and they never smell. Crowned!

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