Goodbye Ying :(


Being around Rachel was like that feeling when your cheeks gets sore from smiling and laughing so much. She made life entertaining and fun for everyone around her, and I can’t think of many memories of our time together that don’t make me smile like a big goofball. She was a good friend, she took care of you when you were down, she was always up for an adventure, she was fun to travel with, and she was always up for an impromptu dance party. I miss you Ying :(. I look forward to sharing more laughter and adventures together on the other side.

You should watch this video of Rachel, she was amazing :) . Rachel was an advocate and volunteer for Chris4Life and I highly recommend checking them out. Chris4Life is working to find a cure for colon cancer, improve the lives of those diagnosed with it, and increasing awareness so that more people get early screening.

Rachel passed away on June 11th, she will be missed.

Why tech companies avoid IPOs…


The NY Times posted a great article on why tech companies are skipping public IPOs, and I totally agree! I am tired of big companies only looking a quarter ahead and losing their ability to think long term. Some public companies do this well, but it is hard under such relentless pressure to make more NOW.

Staying private affords start-up executives the luxury of not worrying what outsiders think and helps them avoid the quarterly earnings treadmill.

Read the rest here! Although, I wonder how the huge hedge funds doing these late stage rounds will see their money come back out without going public…

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