Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – Amazing Podcast


Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is one of my favorite podcasts and if you are a history nut I highly recommend it. Even if you are not this is super approachable material and he makes everything really interesting. The last two have been on Genghis Kahn and contrasting how brutal he was yet how when historians view it they tend to gloss over or apologize for the mass genocides. And he actively wonders if this is going to happen in 200 years when we look at WW2 and Hitler’s evil.

I’ve listened to everyone of them and highly recommend it. And the best part is it’s free! Just take a look at the episodes!

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Sydney Zoo


Nick and I went to Sydney last week, mix of business and fun, unfortunately I got really sick the day after we landed. So I laid in bed for a day while Nick went hiking but managed to rally the next couple days for bondi beach and the zoo between sleeping. Better now, just a super bad cold or something.

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Me and Nick @ The Hub BBQ In Melbourne




Some pictures of Melbourne, and a few I hadn’t posted from a few days in Sydney. 2nd month here and loving it!

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I am pretty simple. I love Mangos. I love the ocean, although mostly at sunset as I’m a ginger. I love to travel, eat exotic food, read, and use my imagination. I love creating and developing ideas into businesses, understanding how all businesses work, and building cool stuff. I am a globalist and see the entire world as my responsibility and playground. And, I am married to an amazing woman who makes life even more fun :)! And, we are now the proud parents of Calico Jack :).