My First Earthquake! In DC!


What a crazy expierience! First I thought it was just the washer being unbalanced, but then it kept getting louder and the house was just shaking like crazy! A few plastic things fell down but no damage that I could see, going to check further in a second.

I’m very glad it wasn’t an explosion, as at first thought it might be. I didn’t know they had earthquakes in this area though. More at CNN too, it was a 5.8 about 88 miles away.

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My First Marathon! Finished in 3 hours 54 minutes, and I don’t feel too bad yet…


I ran my first marathon today! 26.2 miles! I was planning to run 22 to 23 miles, but felt good around 21 and decided to just go for it. I think I can go a lot faster as my last 6 miles were all under 8 minute miles as I figured out I had to start moving if I wanted to finish in under 4 hours.

Running conditions

    1. No sleep – I had a green tea and coffee yesterday so I couldn’t sleep. I gave up at 7am and just got up.

    2. Carrying 3 liters of water, pair of socks, gels, salt pills.

I started at 9.35am and finished at 1.29pm. Temp wasn’t bad like 85 to 80 most of race as I picked a path that is 70% on trails surrounded by woods. Some hills.

Totals and cool stats…

    Length: 26.2 Miles
    Time: 3 Hours 54 Mintes
    Average Heart Rate: 146
    Calories: 3,155 kCal
    VO2: 53ml/kg/min
    EPOC Peak: 92.9
    Respiration Rate: 37 bpm
    Altitude: 1,243 ASC, 1,374 DSC
    Max Speed: 8.83 mph
    Avg Speed: 6.70 mph
    Peak heart rate, 192, but I think that was a fluke reading.

I have no idea what VO2/EPOC and some of that is.


    Mile 1: 8.52
    Mile 2: 8.18
    Mile 3: 8.41
    Mile 4: 9.12
    Mile 5: 9.17
    Mile 6: 9.44
    Mile 7: 11.59
    Mile 8: 9.06
    Mile 9: 9.18
    Mile 10: 8.51
    Mile 11: 9.10
    Mile 12: 11.50
    Mile 13: 9.38
    Mile 14: 9.00
    Mile 15: 8.46
    Mile 16: 9.07
    Mile 17: 10.48
    Mile 18: 8.10
    Mile 19. 8.30
    Mile 20: 8.49
    Mile 21: 7.45
    Mile 22: 7.35
    Mile 23: 7.47
    Mile 24: 7.34
    Mile 25: 7.42
    Mile 26: 7.17
    Last .2: 1.34

You can definitely see the water breaks to refill my giant water backpack, or change socks. Plus when I figured out at Mile 21 that I had to book if I wanted to stay under 4 hours.


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