Travel List


Where Have I Been In The World?

Total Countries (In rough order of visited)

1. USA
2. Mexico
3. Germany
4. Turkey
5. St. Lucia
6. Ireland
7. United Kingdom
8. Spain
9. France
10. The Netherlands
11. Egypt
12. Morocco
13. Belize
14. Kuwait
15. Thailand
16. Singapore
17. Taiwan
18. Greece
19. Canada
20. Japan
21. Italy
22. Vatican City
23. South Africa
24. St. Maartin
25. Bulgaria
26. Panama
27. Costa Rica – Just a day…
29. Peru
29. Argentina
30. Chile
31. Australia (Tasmania is amazing!)
32. Indonesia (Bali)
33. Malaysia
34. New Zealand
35. China (Hong Kong)
36. Croatia
37. Serbia
38. Bosnia
39. Portugal
40. Czech Republic (Prague)
41. Monaco
42. Switzerland
43. Austria
44. Hungry
45. China (Mainland trip with my dad!)
46. Malta
47. Slovenia

Places I’ve Lived (6 months or longer)
– In the USA: Fayetteville (Arkansas), Boca Raton (Florida), Denver (Colorado), Washington D.C., Boulder (Colorado) + born in Texas (when I was very lil).
– Dublin, Ireland (6 months + many return trips)
– Cairo, Egypt (1 year)
– Melbourne, Australia (1 year)
– Valencia, Spain (Starting Nov 2019!)
– Viseu, Portugal (Started Nov 2020)

Places I’ve been to for a month or more to explore (some 3 months)…
– Turkey
– United Kingdom (Essex)
– Thailand
– Japan
– South Africa (Cape Town)
– Panama
– Peru (Cusco)
– Argentina (BA, Mendoza, Patagonia)
– Chile (Santiago)
– Croatia (Split)
– Freiburg, Germany (BlackForest)
– Spain (Walking Silver Route)
– Edinburgh, Scotland/UK (Edinburgh)
– Spain/Portugal (All over country with Lindsey!)
– Nice, France (With Lindsey!)
– Split, Croatia (With Lindsey!)
– Nottingham, UK (With Lindsey!)
– Vienna, Austria (With Lindsey!)
– Strasbourg, France (With Lindsey and Calico!)
– China (with my dad!)
– Dijon, France (with Lindsey and Calico!)
– Valencia, Spain (with Lindsey and Calico!)
– Vodnjan Croatia (with Lindsey and Calico!)
– Aix-en-provence (with Lindsey and Calico!)
– Italy Van Francignia (just me)

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