Annular disc tear is healed :)!!!!


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I was diagnosed with an annular disc tear in June, and after 6 months of rehab and healing I got the news that the tear is all healed!!!! This is very exciting as it frees me up to do more physical activity!!!!!!!! I still have a lot to do to strengthen and build muscle in my core, but it is really good news :). I’ve got a 6 month rehab plan that will build muscle in my core so that running and other hard impacts don’t hit my spine as hard.. And, I will keep doing Yoga for the same reason, plus its fun.

Dr. Whitelaw and his team at Millennium Chiro were amazing. I highly recommend him as he is the best doctor I’ve ever had, he is patient, explains everything, and can explain things in a way that you understand.

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“Annular disc tear is healed :)!!!!”

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