Intuit’s Quickbooks Online Scamming Users Into A Plus Account + No Downgrade


I was really disappointed today by Intuit & Quickbooks Online. I have been using them for a very long time and love their product, it has had a lot of bugs but it allows a lot of automation to reconcile and run the books for small businesses. Slowly they have improved the product and it is pretty stellar at this point. BUT, today they did something really unethical and deceitful, and d I am no longer going to recommend them. There is plenty of good competition out there from Xero and others. And, I might move my 3 accounts away from them next year.

So what happened?

1. I clicked to add a new company account for a new company I formed and without telling me it signed me up for their most expensive plan which I do not need.

That is dumb, but not the end of the world.

2. I go to downgrade it in the billing section… No way via the web to downgrade.

3. I call into their support, their team apologizes and says it is dumb but they can’t downgrade me either. They can only have me export my data, and sign up again, and then import the data. They apologized, agreed it was dumb, and said I should contact management to try to stop this bullshit.

4. I go to export the data, you can only export in Internet Explorer.

Well played Quickbooks & Intuit, time for people to sell your stock and hopefully retention in your call centers is really really high.

You get a wag of the finger:
wag offinger

Amazon & Publisher Dispute…


Read this article entitled: “FUCK YOU AMAZON! FUCK YOU FOR BEING RIGHT! AGAIN!”.

Hilarious read and spot on from what I’ve seen :)

Yeah Amazon, fuck you! Fuck you for being right! Again! What have Amazon ever done for books eh? Pioneered a postal delivery market publishers ignored? Yes ok, but what else? Invested millions in an ebook infrastructure publishers deliberately ignored? Fine, but what else? Opened up publishing to thousands of independent authors of all kinds, many of whom are making entire careers in digital sales with 70% royalties? Well, damn yes that’s pretty good I guess, but what else? …. read more …

What is awesome too is that a lot of the existing publishers involved in all this with Amazon are the same group that disrupted the previous setup. And, in some cases as illegal as they are still doing with price fixing.

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2014 = Interesting Year :)


This might be one of the most interesting year’s of my life :). An amazing amount of awesome, some rough, and a lot of challenging. So a little dance for still being alive:


I’ve been dealing with some unknown health issues since late May. And, at this point I am really hoping there is a parasite clinging to my small intestine :). I should find out in the next couple weeks, and if not that I’ll have to get a fun little biopsy to nail down the problem. Not knowing what is wrong is the worst part of having something wrong :).

On the way home from a doctor appointment today a vulture/buzzard landed on the roof of a nearby building as I waited on a light, and I almost ran into a pink hearse sitting in the front of a church. Hopefully I don’t see The Grim soon :). Hilarious drive home!!!


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