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Ludovico Einaudi Concert!


I was lucky enough to see Ludovico Einaudi in Denver tonight, my wife bought me a ticket for father’s day :). The show was amazing and even better than when I saw him in 2013. I last saw him in DC at the Kennedy Center, in was a much smaller venue and amazing as well. I ended up buying all his albums and he has been a staple since then.I highly recommend you check him out, this show was his “Seven Days Walking” set.

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Tough day? Watch this!


I love this, I watch it a lot :)

Cool Band -> Mount Kimbie


Liking this one!

Recommended Music: Zola Jesus


It is super super rare I find an artist where I like all their work, that said I found Zola Jesus a few weeks ago and highly recommend a listen! Loving it! (Listen at Amazon). I’d start with the ablum Conatus and then try out the other stuff. Her new album is due out in a few days too!

Much Needed Music Video/Song!


Thanks to Iris for sending this one over!

Check Out Sanders Bohlke (Music)


Really liking this guy’s sound, check out “Search & destroy”:

And “Nearly Summer”:

More here on his YouTube channel or just search iTunes or Hypem.

Amazing Song + Video


Florence blows my mind again, amazing song and awesome video.

Swiss Family Robinson Tree Found!!


Check out this awesome article here about finding the tree used in the filming of swiss family robinsons! I’ve been wanting to go to Tobago for a few years to try to find it, I think I’ll plan a trip and it will not be easier to find that, their swimming area, and their beach! Awesome! (Maybe for my birthday!)

As a kid seeing the fake tree as disney world was awesome. I always wanted to live in a tree.

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I’ve been listening to Pogo and his YouTube page for a while! Great stuff and here are a few of my favorites:

Listen and watch more at Pogo’s webpage!

I’m A Sucker For A Starbuck Video


Cold War Kids + Florence + Lissie


Another really cool video and great song:

And another as Lissie is great, going to try to see her come October!

Florence + The Machine


I just found this song and love it, it’s called “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence + The Machine, crazy sweet video too! Great stuff!

Also, check out One Republic Good Life, also a great song! Rocks For Finding New Music


My brother referred me to a while back and I decided to post a short recommendation here as it is the best resource for finding awesome new music no matter what you like!

Basically it takes music blogs that are popular and pulls in any songs they post and then people can vote on them in a variety of ways. So what you end up with is a page with the most popular, the latest submitted, and the most popular from mentions on twitter.

The music tends to be a lot of rap and techno (I like techno oriented), but you also get a variety of others too and I really recommend just playing down the page and seeing what you like. I’ve found all my new favorites this year through this website. Highly recommended!

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New MIA Video: Gingers!


This is a great music video, very creepy and as a Ginger we know this is coming and we will fight!

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Cool Music Video – Black Eyed Pees


I’m not sure why but I find this song and video slightly memorizing. Weird steam punk fantasy feel off parts of it.

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