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The “Modern Art” Of Wine: Familia Zuccardi Innovacion: Touriga Nacional


Take a hard look at this wine. A hard look.

Got it?

This wine is fucked up.

It created about a 1.5 to 2 hour conversation. First we thought the wine had gone bad, then we just thought it was bad wine, then we realized it smelled like Tequila, then we thought it was bad wine, then we though it had gone bad. Repeat.

It did test like Tequila. It might have been tequila and cranberry juice. We ordered shots of tequila and confirmed it tasted/smelled like tequila. Theories of plants mating between fields emerged, genetic science, nano technology, it’s hard to say what “man” did to this poor wine.

A small 33.3% of the crowed surveyed indicated it tasted like cigarettes.

Then Joel detected a faint port taste, which was confirmed. It was still bad wine, which smelled like tequila, and for the first 10 mili seconds tasted like port.

This is the modern art of wine. It challenges what you think “good” wine is. And as Joel said, “this is the wine that will bring you back to when you first tasted wine as a kid”. Because it is fracking gross. And challenging? The thing is they make good wine, so are they purposefully making bad wine? What is good wine? What is bad wine? Where am i?

*I didn’t think such a thing was possible.

Luigi Bosca – Malbec


Not too bad, a little too acidic but not bad. Drinkable!

Casa Boher – Merlot


A great wine, tried a Merlot as tired of Malbecs! Smooth and red, highly drinkable.

Festivo – Malbec


A light Malbec, little more fruity but still great! More info here, the description made me wonder, are their rules on what you call a “Château” on wine bottles or can anyone call their house a Château?

Catalpa – Malbec


A delicious Malbec that I really enjoyed! This one is located near Mendoza (Uco Valley) and hoping to visit it later this month maybe. Learn more about this one here.

Familia Gascon – Malbec


Another Malbec, and yet another bottle where I can barely read who made it. What is with all the fancy writing people? Ya ya it’s cool. This wine was ok, but a bit acidic or something I couldn’t put my taste buds on. And not as smooth as the last one, maybe a bit too fruity and acidic. I think that was it.

That said, I drank it.

Vina el Gerno – Malbec


This was a delicious wine from a small vineyard, I don’t understand how people describe wines as it always seems odd. Basically it was really smooth, tasted great, and I drank it. There is some additional info here about them too.

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