Calico At 14 Months :)


Because of flu season, he didn’t see the doctor until 13.5 months, but close enough! Here are his stats (he saw the doc in late April and was 32.5 inches):

Head circumference: 18.625 centimeters (75th percentile)
Height 31.25 Inches (80th percentile)
Weight 22lb and 2.5 ounces (50th percentile)

He is so active and trotting just about everywhere. It is so much fun :). I like taking him to the park when it isn’t snowy and just watching him wander around. Anytime we open the door to the house he is out and just wandering down the sidewalk. The first pic below shows his love of blueberry banana smoothies.

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Calico’s First Word!


Calico has been saying mama and dada for a while, but the first word he has really grasped onto is “ball”. For a few days now it is all he says as he plays with his soccer ball, rugby ball, or other bouncy balls we got him. Oh and check out his outfit as Lindsey dressed him up today :)

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