Braveheart = Awesome


braveheartSuch a great movie, go watch it and realize how awesome it is… Bam!

Mel Gibson = Great Director.

Burka Bar…


For my Burka Bar I had an inspired idea last night, how fun would it be to open a bar called the “Burka Bar” where you are required to wear a burka! The vision: lines of burka wearing men and women doing flaming shots of delicious! Plus you don’t know who anyone is which adds to the mystery and appeal. Fear not tall people, I will happily keep an 8 foot burka in stock for when Shaq visits.

I might test first with Burka Night. Note to those lacking a sense of humor, please don’t blow me up, or my bar/house/car/family.

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Wolfenstein Review…



Short Review: Massive Suck

Long Review: Really ID Software? Really? Not allowing users to save? Really? What is this the 1990s and we have to add that to make it seem harder and so people don’t notice how much you suck at game design? Oh what is this demons in Wolfenstein? Awesome, nice job on rereleasing Doom again… Massive ball of suck. Way to destroy a classic.

Most frustrating game I’ve ever tried to “play”.

Rush Limbaugh Says What?


Rush Limbaugh tells a caller who can’t afford $6,000 to treat broken wrist: “Well, you shouldn’t have broken your wrist“…

Watch the video here.

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Fuck Republicans… Health Care!


Man I am so tired of hearing this bullshit, it sounds like Obama is being forced to drop the government health care plan and that fucking sucks. Health care is a right not something to make a profit off of. If there is any reason why our country is entering a decline and eventual demise it is because of the right wing’s ability to spread disinformation and not to enter any debate with facts. Who the hell wants to kill old people? Nobody, but if you can extend someone’s life by a week yet that procedure and similar are costing everyone in the country 40% than fuck old people, they can pay for that out of their pockets. I’m all for denying reality (friends will attest) but death is not something to be afraid of, and I’m tired of the right / christian right thinking you have to keep people alive no matter what. It is such a deeply ethical and personal question but as a society its going to come down to cost, insurance companies right now screw you so how the hell can the government do once. Not a glowing endorsement but I trust our government a lot more than private insurance companies who screw everyone I know over pricing and options.

As a small business owner whose team works remote it is ridiculous to think American can compete with the Aussies/NZ/UK/Rest of the world if we don’t provide health care to our citizens, espicially when our health care industry is 100% profit driven. I can hire quality people in Aussie and Europe and don’t have to worry about paying for their health care because it’s bundled into taxes. America still has the biggest pool of quality labor but that is going to change as salaries have to compensate for health care that is going through the roof. Eventually it will make more sense for us to higher a full time doctor than buy health care (half kidding).

On a personal level I see my dad screwed by the lack of affordable health care in that he can’t retire until he can get on a government plan at X age. And I personally have been at the hospital, asked how much something was by someone who does that procedure 20x times a day, and been told he has no idea as they outsource pricing. Crazy? Yes that is crazy. If you hook up someone to check their heart you should know what it costs for everyone. Instead some other agency checks your background and insurance and makes up some price.

RIP Birthday Week 2009…


Born July 19th 2009
Died August 1st 2009

A brave birthday week, it had such a long and full life with everything I like, good friends, beach, Mexico, scotch, beer, ceviche, and girls with whistles and everclear.

Rest in peace birthday week.

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