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New project as I start to post these from travels, all from

1. Washington DC, USA – 8-23-2011. 19 down / 4 up.

2. Panama City, Panama – 12-17-2011 . 3.4 down / 0.55 up.
*3G USB Stick on Mac (Digicel)

3. Volcan, Panama – 12-18-2011. 2.12 down / 1 up.
*3G USB Stick on Mac (Digicel)

4. Volcan Panama – 12-19-2011. 1.75 down / 0.43 up.
*DSL connection, plan is a 2MB Down, 512Up so not too bad.

5. Panama City, Panama – 12-29-2011. 1.73 down / 0.43 up.
*Rented apartment, cable and wireless panama. They must only pay for the most basic.

6. Cusco, Peru – 1-6-2012. 1.26 down / 0.07 up.
*Rented apartment, shared wifi, not sure on source.

7. Cusco, Peru – 1-7-2012. 0.73 down / 0.15 up. Got it up to 1.7 down / 0.34 up.
*Claro 3G modem I bought. Not impressed in terms of speed, hopefully it can do voice and going to mess with it some more and put it in my unlocked 3g modem… No luck yet. 3 weeks later finally figure out that Claro Peru is dumb and doesn’t know what they are doing. After a lot of hacking finally figured out correct settings, tweaked apple drivers, etc etc and went from:


*Total fail by Claro Peru. Their 3g modem defaults to edge and the drivers are utter shit, you have to download mac drivers to get it working high speed.

8. Mendoza, Argentina – 2-24-2012. 1.85 down / 0.59 up.

9. I was sharing Wifi in Buenos Aires, I forgot to post it, it was fast though. Although sometime’s some weird routes to the USA. Can’t believe I forgot to post but it was at least 6MB, tons of bandwidth ads around the city.

10. Santiago, Chile. Cable I believe. 6.33 down / 0.73 up.

11. Melbourne, VodaPhone PocketWifi connect to 3G Network, 5 bars. 3 down / 1.5 up.

12. Melbourne, TPG Unlimited plan, DSL. (Not bad). 15 down / 0.84 up.

13. Bali, Indonesia, Unknown but enough to do voice and work. Rented House. 0.51 down / 0.09 up.

14. Auckland, New Zealand Huawei 3G device off local provider. Freaking amazing! 14.65 down / 1.6 up.

15. Hong Kong – Rented apartment so not sure what they have. 3.44 down / 0.88 up.
*Update – Turns out it is a 3g modem, died due to usage cap but they fixed it. Still a bit slow so I grabbed a backup.

16. Grabbed a Three Hong Kong sim card to use, only $50 bucks total for a month’s worth + a card for my phone as well. Fast speeds off my modem too. 13.6 down / 2.26 up.

17. Hah, and I come back to the USA and get a 3g card to put in my 3g modem, and speeds are so slow, after 45 minutes on a support call and teaching a guy about 3 modems I finally get it working but still super super slow and shitty. Sucks to go around the world and have such terrible performance back in the USA… 2.3 down / 0.12 up.

From Austin Texas Downtown…


And lots more huge variation and terrible ping.

18. Cable Internet – Split Croatia June 2013. 11 down / 1.19 up.

19. Hotel In Zagreb Croatia 2013. 1 down / 0.94 up.

20. Vodaphone 3G through Otelo. July 2013. 0.61 down / 0.55 up.

*pretty shitty.

21. Internet at apartment in Freiburg. July/Aug 2013. 9.7 down / 0.83 up.

22. Wifi at T-Mobile Telekom hotspot, grabbed a 30 day pass as they are everywhere and makes it easier to get a high speed connection at cafes. I’m not sure I could do voice, but its fine for focused work which is what I do at cafes. 1.16 down / 0.05 up.

23. Brasov Romania – Sep 2013 – Vodaphone 3g with my little wireless modem, hilarious that after Germany was so terrible, and the USA so terrible at 3g and not even being able to connect I’m finally in a country with fast connections. Very fast and cheap. 8 down / 1.75 up.

24. Amsterdam, Netherlands – Oct 2013 – KPN and T-Mobile. I have NO idea how you can have such amazing bike paths, well run city, and equality and yet the 3g is the WORST IN THE FREAKING WORLD. Unusable on my 3g modem on T-Mobile, an the KPN wifi hotspot was even worse. The hotel uses KPN and wish we had tested before using it. 0.29 down / 0.02 up.

Crazy crazy crazy.

25. Seville Spain – Oct 2013. Fantastic quality. 8 down / 3.5 up.

26. London, England – Nov 2013. Amazing. 92 down / 12 up.

27. Fayetteville, AR – Jan 2014. Awesome.10 down / 13 up.
After I couldn’t even work off broken Cox internet I switched to a 4g modem from AT&T. Awesome amazing, sweet!

28. Fayetteville, AR – Mar 2014. Awesome, and expensive from Cox :). I wish they were not a monopoly. 100 down / 22 up.

29. Paris, France – Feb 2015. Little place in paris for a week with lindsey. 25 down / 1 up.

30. Paris, France – Feb 2015. Moxx Internet for travelers in France, a pretty cool little 4g item that you rent online and they deliver it to your hotel along with a prepackaged envelope to send back. A little trouble during pickup but pretty excited, full review coming soon. 36 down / 30 up.

31. Vienna, Austria – Oct 2015. Unlocked 4g modem + A1. 20 down / 10 up.

32. Vienna Austria – Oct 2015. Apartment’s internet, lower down package but still good. 21 down / 2 up.

33. Denver, Colorado, USA – March 2016. Temp condo, literally the worst internet I’ve had in maybe 5 years. Sometimes the ping goes to 400ms during the day. CenturyLink DSL, it is extra funny as their main office is outside my window… Massive packet loss during peak times too. 12 down / 0.75 up.

34. Boulder, Colorado, USA – May 2016. Temp apartment. Freaking awesome, and such an improvement after going through multiple apartments with CenturyLink and it being TERRIBLE. CenturyLink took over a company I used to use for internet infrastructure and it is not surprising as they fucked that company up too. 153 down / 12 up.

35. Boulder, Colorado, USA – July 2016. Our new place, nice to be somewhere with fast internet :). I still wish they would get Fiber and GB… 298 down / 30 up.

36. Strasbourg, France – June 2017. Month-long break is here, slow net but works ok and not having to work really since my job is over :). 12 down / 0.67 up.

37. St. Maartin. – July 2017. 2-week vacation. It seems to work but I’ll be curious how video conference stuff works on it :). 2.2 down, .65 up.

38. Bejing China – November 2017. 3 week trip with my dad. The great firewall obviously sucks and makes life very hard for people working here. But here is the results without the VPN on from our hotel. 18 down / 19 up.

39. Bugibba Malta – August 2018. 3 week trip with family from an apartment here. Nice speed! 97 down / 6 up, not bad!

39. Valencia, Spain – February 2019. 2 month trip with family from an apartment here. Really fast, super impressed! 101 down / 103 up!

40. Valencia, Spain – November 2019. AirBNB for a few days and feels fast!

41. Mellieha, Malta – November 2019. From a 4G modem and Spanish Orange connection.

42. Valencia, Spain – December 2019. Fiber, Orange, 600/600. My new apartment!

43. Viseu, Portugal – November 2020. Cable, NOS, 500MB / Something. Our new rental apartment. 5G Router via laptop in back room.

44. Vise, Portugal – January 2020. Fiber, NOS, 1Gig. My new Office. Via wifi though.

45. So far on our Euro road trip for 2022 we have had some of the worst internet speeds I’ve seen in 15 years. In Montepellier France I was getting 2.5MB down and timing out. The host claimed it was due to city work, but was happening all week. In Karlsruhe, it was better, but not great. And, in Dusseldorf Germany (a huge city). I can’t even run a test as it is timing out. So terrible, come on Germany!

*It couldn’t even load speed test or many times due to timeouts.

**My portable modem is 20x faster, this is insane.




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