Music In My Head Oct 2009


Turns out I really like reggae music, found Mishka a while back and love them and been getting some time lately to find some more like K’naan and some Marley mixes with newer songs. Good stuff!

Xaphoon Jones I Wanna Know Now (Marley + MGMT)
– K’naan Songs: Take a Minute, In The Beginning, Fatima, Strugglin’, and Wavin Flag
– All Mishka, especially older album.

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Cheers For The Dublin Enterprise Center


I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while, I just wanted to say thanks to the Guinness Enterprise Center in Dublin Ireland. I was working remotely in Ireland a long time ago and they helped me get a small office, setup high speed internet for VOIP, and a lot more! They were absolutely fantastic and in particular I wanted to thank Dolores Dempsey for her help.

This is a really great center that helps Irish people start companies and they do fantastic work!

London England Trip


So on Thursday Daniel decided to go to London England in the wee hours of morning for a spur of the moment vacation. And upon hearing this later in the day as he needed a ride to the airport, I decided to go too. What is remarkable is that I could buy a ticket at 1.10pm and take off in a plance at 3.45pm, I didn’t know the airlines allowed you to do that. Props to Air Canada! I had to come back Tuesday so it was a very short trip with little sleep and tons of fun. Big thanks to Tom for putting us up (and putting up with my crazy American views on how to go about providing equality for less advantaged citizens)!

I’ve been to London twice, but this was the first time I got to actually see the city. The last two times I just saw ultimate frisbee fields my brother was playing on before heading back to Essex, and the previous time I had to leave London the day after I got there due to a misunderstanding with Tony with the gold teeth and Scotland Yard. This trip was great and Tom showed us all over the city, rode the Eye (big ferris wheel), went to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral and so on. Next time hopefully I can find time to do more museums too. I also saw a lot of Pubs and ate some spectacular food. Plus got to meet our CTO which was great! My camera batteries died and forgot a power adapter so only a few photos. Hopefully Daniel has a lot more.

I would also like to extend a special thanks to Phibbers, my favorite pub in all of London Zone 2. With a name like that how can you go wrong? Phibbers…

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What Keep’s Ben Awake At Night? Terrorism? Zombies? Nuclear Apocalypse?


Fuck no, this is what scares the living shit out of me!

Delilah, an 18-foot-long, 400-plus-pound Burmese python who had enjoyed a swell existence in an Apopka-area backyard feeding on rabbits, has a new home — for now.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials removed the giant snake from a home on Section Drive on Friday because of concerns about Delilah’s size and the security of her chain-link cage.

A complaint prompted wildlife officials to visit the home and check out the snake, which some officials called the largest python they had ever seen.

Holy fucking shit, Jesus himself couldn’t kill this snake, followed by:

“I fed her this morning, gave her seven rabbits,” Cheever said soon after the snake was placed in a container and prepared to move Friday from the small community alongside Lake Apopka. “She is as docile as can be. She’s as happy as can be.” But he acknowledged the snake, which is 30 inches around, had escaped its enclosure before.

I will never sleep again.

Sledding 2.0


I’ve been having a hard time finding the perfect sled for this year but luckily Slate has a great article on the best sleds and I went with the Airboard 180! Rumor is you can go up to 80 miles an area, control your direction easily since it has ridges on the bottom, and go off jumps with little worry besides fear of death! It is the only sled that is advertised as needing a helmet.

Obama Is A What Now?


obama_nazi_communist_muslim_peace The functionally idiotic people of the USA have joined together and decided that Obama is a number of things, and as always I am amazed at how awesome Obama is to have mastered so many ideologues. Truly the man, nah the second son of Christ is a genius! I hope the liberal third reich arrives soon so that I can sacrifice small children to my new overlords.

What is wrong with these people? When did Republican start meaning crazy? When will the normal republican people start distancing themselves from these crazies? I would never want to be called a democrat, and that is like 10x better than what the republican party has become. Where are the logical people who want smaller government, to balance our budget, and who can focus on real issues? Instead we get stupid people who think Obama is not a citizen, disrespect him during his speeches, and think that he is a secret muslim/socialist/nazi. This shit weakens our country and makes Canada look like a good place to live (just kidding Canada).

First Or Maybe Second Snow!


This isn’t even the first snow, but it is the first one that is kinda sticking. I flew back from Texas on Thursday and it was snowing earlier that day. And today I wake up to this and flakes falling from the heavens!

First Snow!

You can already ski at a few of the higher up places which people say is crazy. I went in with some other people to split a house up in Frisco, so going to be able to go up there during the week and chill and hopefully sled!

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Regionals In Arizona



Visited Arizona for the first time for regionals this last weekend. Our team did great and I had a good time apart from having to adjust to waking up so early from my normal schedule. Thank god the temp was only in the low 90s as the previous weekend it had been 105 both days. We almost got to nationals but lost a key game on game point.

Arizona was really pretty in a desert way. I really don’t know why that town is there and can’t imagine they are going to have enough water to last another 100 years. I read the wiki entry and sounds like some old guy build some canals which started the entire mess.

San Francisco Trip! +TechCrunch50


I went to San Francisco last month for a conference and just fun. It was a really cool city and I had a great time, I could easily live there!

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