My Best Backpack



I would like to take this time to honor my backpack, my mom gave it to me in high school and it has been with me ever since.

My backpack has been with me for every trip I’ve ever taken both foreign and domestic. It was with me on my first trip abroad to Germany, it was with me when I spent a month in Turkey over Christmas, it has been to every ultimate practice, every ultimate tournament, and every trip between class or work. It has not complained once. After all these years it has no defects and only the brand tag has fallen off. It has been severely over stuff many times and held more than its fair share.

Cheers backpack! Here’s to 10 more years!

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Read This Book: Daemon By Daniel Suarez


You have to read this book, brings in a lot of technology we are going to start seeing over the next twenty years and a very different view of where the world and nation state is going. Very accurate picture of technology, writing is good, solid story.

I think everyone should read this one! Here is a link to Amazon.

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Going To Defrag Conference Nov 2009


I decided to go to the Defrag Conference November 11th and 12th as it sounds really cool and is hosted here in Denver. Time to take advantage of living in a big city! The ticket was $995 so I’m hoping it was worth it, sounds like a cool group of people and I’m really interested in the topic, plus the blog posts spawned by the previous year all were fascinating reads.

I just got back from spending a week in Seattle, very cool city and had a fantastic time hanging out with friends and playing ultimate. I also crept across the border to Vancouver Canada which was impressive.

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