Denver Here I Come


Myself and Joel are heading out to Denver Colorado tomorrow to find a place to live and setup an office. We are 99% done with this new business deal, once we actually close I’ll post some more info :). We are going to be staying with Dmarsh while we are out there! Looking forward to cold weather, snow, and starting some work!

In other news I voted early yesterday so that is all taken care of. I really hope Obama wins, I think he is going to be way better for the global economy and the foreign perception of what America is about. Plus that Palin women is just fraking crazy and since statistically McCain should probably die of natural causes during his first term in office we would be stuck with Bush in a skirt.

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Ran A Half Marathon! In 1H:50M


Woo! I tried out the new Fayetteville bike trails and they are just awesome, I was so motivated I ended up running a full half marathon today which is a first for me! I kept my target marathon pace and none of the injuries from about two weeks ago came up. Been icing like crazy the last week so I think that and the rest really helped.

Here are the details from my Suunto T6 watch:

  • 13.11 Miles
  • 1 Hour 50 Minutues
  • Max Heart Rate 171
  • Average Heart Rate 154
  • Average Speed 7.2 MPG
  • EPOC Peak 123 ml/kg
  • Altitude Range 954 ft to 1164ft
  • 1536 Calories Burned
  • Temp 71F to 86F
  • Ventilation 130 l/min
  • Oxygen cons. 39 ml/kg/min
  • Respiration Rate 38 bpm
  • Hopefully I don’t collapse shortly, I felt pretty good until the last two or three miles and those were a lot harder.

    Here Is my mile pace:

    1 – 8:16
    2 – 7:31
    3 – 7:33
    4 – 7:40
    5 – 7:54
    6 – 8:15
    7 – 8:44
    8 – 8:24
    9 – 8:31
    10 – 8:40
    11 – 8:54
    12 – 9:04
    13 – 9:18

    Finally Getting Cold!


    Fayetteville is finally getting cold which is pretty damn exciting! Since I was in Egypt for the last year I missed Winter and forgot what it feels like to really be cold, Egypt had a few days but nothing that compares to the chill that starts creeping into the air here. I’m really excited to see some snow too! The coldest thing in Egypt was climbing Mount Sinai and watching the sunrise from the top, it was so freaking cold even with a sweater and blankets. But luckily when you walk back down the ocean and hot air is there to greet you.

    If we go to Denver in a few days I imagine the weather will be very cold and snowy within a few weeks. More info on those plans once we finish the deal, been working very hard to close that business deal.

    Well Lost Our Bid To Nationals


    We made it to the super backdoor game at Regionals to get the third bid to Nationals but lost to a team called el Diablo. It especially sucked as during the tournament we played them three times and lost each time despite them not really being that great compared to the teams we beat. The tournament was very badly run with some of our games not ending until 9.30pm and then having another game at 7.15am the next day. We even had to move fields during the final due to soccer needing the fields. So no nationals this year :(.

    Two cars of people stayed and went out Sunday which was pretty fun, Austin has some amazing bars and great music. We ate some amazing Indian food the next day, it was the best I’ve had in the United States. The place is called the Claypit and its on Guadalupe near campus (not sure the street name is spelled right). It was in an amazing building too so check it out if you are in Austin.

    Due to a lack of sleep and not being in ultimate fris shape I didn’t play very well Saturday but improved Sunday despite a jammed finger. I tore something the last game on Sunday though, pushed hard on a sprint and heard something pop or tear a little below my hamstring. I’m still recovering from the hamstring pull and I think I just messed up a connecting muscle that was overcompensating for a weakened hamstring. Hopefully its not too bad and heals quick.

    Regionals This Week In Austin TX…


    I’m heading to Regionals this weekend in Austin Texas, in a fluke this year our region is getting three bids to nationals which is pretty damn sweet. It means we have a fighting shot at getting that third spot and getting to go to the National UPA championship! I’m still pretty hurt but at least at 75% so I’ll get to run a lot and hopefully after a few days of ice and rest will be even better. Finally able to throw now that my finger is healing up too.

    I think our team has a really good shot and it would be awesome to go with them to Nationals. Plus by then I should be in better condition and able to play better (would be nice to win or at least tie one game at nationals). Somehow October has crept up on me as work has been super busy trying to organize a deal and some of the SEO work we do. Hopefully in a few weeks everything will settle down.

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