Starting a new business! Excited!


I am back to working full time as of Sep 17th on a new business that I am starting along with a partner. I am very excited & happy to be working on something :).

The new business started as a fun project to crunch the last 12 months of calendar data and show people how much of their life they spend in meetings (you can see my meeting profile here). If you want to try it, just go here and it will generate a report on how much of your life is spent in meetings too.

The next step is to build out a company version so that a business can gain insight into how much meetings are costing them in time and money. Then we are going to help them cut down on meetings that are not needed, reduce bad meeting habits, and make meetings a joy to be in. Plus the company saves a ton of money that goes from meetings to real work, and a happier team means higher retention and drive.

This really connects me to a big passion I have… which is to see more businesses that are run incredibly well run. Which is part of my much bigger passion to build tools that empower the team to do incredible work and enjoy going to work. There are too many companies stressing out their people and not realizing that is destroying their team and eventually the company.

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Our house is now 100% wind powered!


I just found out that our electric company, XcelEnergy, has a program where you can pay a little extra for your electricity to be 100% powered by renewables! Very cool! I think it will only increase our electric cost by $15 to $30 a month too.

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Don’t touch my pumpkin…


When I was around 16 or 17 I had a website that was making pretty decent money for a “kid” (still in high school). With that money, I was able to buy some crazy fun stuff. I bought some Vietnam era night vision goggles for fun. They were not fancy gen 2 or gen 3 models, but they were pretty fun and amplified the existing light pretty well. They were also super heavy and ate batteries like there was no tomorrow.

As Halloween rolled around my friends and I decided to lay an ambush for the assholes that would steal and smash our pumpkins every year. We put on black/camo, put our pumpkins at the top of our driveway, and loaded up our paintball guns. Then we waited and waited and waited. Nobody came, but it was a fun night. I kinda wish they had.

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Calico on the beach!


Some more pictures of Calico on the beach :)

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My Walk Score Now & Then…


Someone posted a cool post talking about the walk score they grew up with, versus the place they live now. The place I grew up has a walk score of 17, the place I live now has a walk score of 67. I wish it was even more walkable :).

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10 Years Of Blogging!


I started this blog 10 years ago today on September 2nd 2008! That is kinda awesome :).

Why blog?
I journaled on and off before that but I am really happy I stuck with it on this blog. This blog has been really useful for helping me to develop ideas and think through things. I’ve got a lot of private posts that have helped me as well. All and all it is one of the best things I’ve stuck with.

What was going on in September 2008?

– I was 27 years old.
– I was back from Egypt and living in Fayetteville with Joel. Joel and I had sold our business the end of 2007 and I finished training the new company about halfway through 2008 I think. We were doing some SEO consulting for the UK2 Group and Just Eat in the UK (good exchange rate at the time).
– I was running a lot and I started to play ultimate again now that I was in the States. I was battling some injuries. By the end of the year, I ran my first half-marathon on my own.
– I had been thinking about getting my MBA but decided against it. I had taken the GMAT in Egypt and was about to take it again but decided to put that plan on hold.
– I had been planning to go to Australia for a year and had the visa… My plan was to stay there for a year and then travel through Asia while working a new project with Joel. But about the same time, the Site5 deal popped up and Joel and I decided to pursue that. We closed that deal around October 31st, 2008 and now owned a big hosting company. And, we moved to Denver and the rest is history. I got to go to Australia at a later time as well as a lot of traveling. Not as much to Asia as I wanted, but a good trip to Japan for a month and hopefully I get to go back soon.
– My personal life was a bit of a mess at the time. I was frustrated and had no idea what I wanted (i.e. 27). I was also dealing with selling my first big business and the emotional struggle that brought…

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This is bwb’s personal blog so he can share his thoughts with the world, however scary or silly they might be. Plus family and friends can track what I am up too, and where I am in the world.

I am pretty simple. I love Mangos. I love the ocean, although mostly at sunset as I’m a ginger. I love to travel, eat exotic food, read, and use my imagination. I love creating and developing ideas into businesses, understanding how all businesses work, and building cool stuff. I am a globalist and see the entire world as my responsibility and playground. And, I am married to an amazing woman who makes life even more fun :)! And, we are now the proud parents of Calico Jack :).