Private Nap at the airport?


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I fly a fair amount, and given that I am 6 foot 3 and big I am not usually able to sleep on planes. I landed in Munich on a recent flight and was able to try out these little boxes in the airport called nap cabs (more details here). It is pretty sweet! It is self serve, you go in, it has mood music, internet, chargers, a comfy bed, a desk, AC/Heat, and so on. I managed to stay in one for 3 hours, and got 2.5 hours sleep after a long long flight + day. It kinda felt very futuristic like ghost in the shell or something :) . If I ever need some sleep in the future I will grab one during a long layover.


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European Road Trip!


Lindsey and I rented a car a few weeks ago and saw a ton of Europe :), where did we go?

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First we drove up to Milan to meet two friends, then to Lake Como, then through Switzerland to check out Geneva, and then down to the Cathar region of France near the Pyrenees mountains to hike.

What does gas station food in Italy look like?

In Lake Como Lindsey found us an amazing place to stay, we managed a little hike even though it was windy.

We visited Geneva for a day, and drove through all of Switzerland which was pretty stunning. Our photos from that area didn’t turn out well since they were all taken from a car :). We spent a half day exploring Geneva since that might be where Lindsey goes to grad school too!

Next we drove down through France to the Languedoc region where we did a lot of hiking. I’ve always wanted to go to visit this region of France, I was very interested in the Cathar religion, the Crusade against them, and the castles that emerged from that fight and subsequent border fights with the Spanish. I got to crawl around a lot of castles, we went on a lot of hikes, and we tried to stay warm as the Tramontane wind was out in full force.

Lindsey is an awesome navigator and got us from point A to point B which was hard considering we had no net/gps and no paper map :).

I also realized I’ve now been to 40 countries with my trip to Switzerland :)!

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