Beautiful Week, And Now It Is Snowing!


We had a great week of 70 degree weather and now it is snowing again. Very odd considering it was 60 degrees today and somehow down to snow temp by midnight. Very pretty outside though and supposed to be back up to 70 very soon.

I’m heading back to Fayetteville this week to see my little sister with her debut performance in Foot Loose the play. I hear she is amazing :)! And then for Lizzie’s graduation, and then me and Lizzie are going to Tybee Island for a few weeks to relax on a beach. Then we are driving back to Fayetteville, packing up, and driving back to Denver. And by then there should be no occurrences of snow.

If the University of Arkansas is listening you suck, I can’t wait for you to call me to try to dig some money out of me, you will never get it and I will tell you flat out the bureaucratic idiots you have at that school need to be flushed. Universities are supposed to help people graduate, not make their lives living hell.

Once Again Fraking Snow…


It is very pretty! 6 to 10 inches expected, more tomorrow. Then by Wednesday 70 degrees rest of week.

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