Calico and the big water slide!


A few weeks ago I took Calico to a local rec center for a swim. The pool was great! It had a little float section with a current, a kid’s slide + shallow area, a deep area with a basketball goal, and a HUGE water slide. I asked Calico if he wanted to go on the big slide as a joke and he said no. We had a blast in the pool and about 45 minutes later he asked me if we could do the big slide.

I asked the lifeguard if we could use it, as it had a height limit, and they said it was fine as long as I held him (duh). We climbed up the stairs… several sets… got in and started down. It was fast! At one point I thought we might go over the top but it was all good and I held Calico above the water as we plunge into the last pool. He loved it and wanted to go again. My heart was beating fast as holding onto him was a little scary :). We went again and he had so much fun.

We went back this weekend and did it twice again. Fun times!

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First snow of the year!


4 or 5 inches and still coming down. Calico was SUPER excited this morning for a snow day :)

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WorkDNA work analytics app released!


We did a big release last week of our new free work analytics app. It is based on what we have learned over the last 9 months and crunches 12 months of calendar data and shows you how much of your life you have for deep work and shallow work, how much you spend in meetings, a bunch of stats, and compares you to co-worker and global averages.

We had a good release on Product Hunt which was fun :)

We also rebranded from to to WorkDNA, I am really looking forward to launching the wider site and new pivot in maybe 6 weeks or so.

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