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Vaccine appointment made!!!


Lindsey and I are super excited to get our first vaccine shot in early July… which should mean we are fully vaccinated by mid-August. Once Portugal announced our age group was eligible we just had to submit our health number on the website. Then we got a text to confirm our appointment. The entire process took 5 minutes :).

Health care in Portugal is FUCKING amazing. We had an appointment with a pediatric doctor for Calico yesterday and he talked to us for an hour. No rush, he wanted to know everything. And, even though the appointment was at 4 pm he was ON TIME. It just makes me despise the entire American system even more. They should just call American health care “money” as there is no health nor any care happening within it unless you just get lucky.

I had a follow-up this week after my day at the Hospital and the experience was glorious. The doctor was perfectly on time and he had actually read everything in my file BEFORE MY APPOINTMENT. Have you ever had a doctor read anything about you before they meet you? Let alone review all the data??? Then, he went through all my numbers one by one to explain what they were in detail. He was not in a rush and it was a great chat. It makes me tear up just thinking about it because I actually feel like he cares and he spent time preparing for the appointment.

Fuck American “health care”.

No country is perfect and we had a bad doctor experience prior to the good one with Calico. But, the American system is a giant steaming pile of shit. It needs to be destroyed and rebuilt using the best parts of Europe and Asia. We have utterly failed as a country in this regard.

Update – I got my first one on July 6th, 2nd on August 3rd. And, Lindsey got her first one July 21st… almost there :)

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Where is America going?


AEI did a big survey (full breakdown with graphs in the link) and found the following:

  • 66% of Republicans say that Biden’s election win was not legitimate. Among Republicans without a college education that is 75%.
  • 29% of Republicans say that it is completely or mostly true that Donald Trump is fighting a global child sex trafficking ring (QAnon idiocy).
  • 55% of Republicans “support the use of force as a way to arrest the decline of the traditional American way of life“.
  • 39% of Republicans “support Americans taking violent actions if elected leaders fail to act“. 13% of Republicans completely agree in the necessity of taking violent actions if political leaders fail.

Not a good sign… this is the war over America’s direction coming to a head IMO. As well as the 30-year shift of the Republican party to extremism and fear-mongering.

Do Republicans support Democracy? What if the majority of people in that Democratic system want something different than them? How will they react? Hint… they are showing us, violence.

Do they believe in the rule of law and our justice system? If our criminal system investigates something and finds no evidence will they believe it if it contradicts their fake reality? If our justice system does not rule in their favor will they recognize it as a valid ruling? Hint… they have shown us, they will not.

Interesting times. It is going to be a fun 10 to 20 years.

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Weird realization.


I had a weird moment recently and I am still processing it…

I realized that cops do not have to shoot people, you can just arrest them later.

Why does American society feel that it is acceptable to shoot someone who stole something and is running away?

  • Or shoot someone who is mentally ill?
  • Or, shoot someone who you THINK has a knife?
  • Or, shoot someone who is walking away from you?
  • Or, shoot someone because of the way they make you FEEL?
  • Or, shoot someone because they are not following directions?

Why did this feel like such a “duh” moment to me and what does that say about me and the culture/society I grew up within?

Why not just wait, and just calmly arrest them the next day? 

They are going to turn themselves in. Or, worst case you take a drive and pick them up at one of the five places they might be living. What is the need to escalate a situation that needs de-escalation?

Or better yet, see how long you can talk to them and de-escalate bad situations. So what if someone is holding a knife. Just let them hold it as long as they are doing nothing and calmly talk to them. You don’t have to have 9 guns drawn on them, scream at them, and act like they are holding a machine gun and wearing a necklace of ears.

I understand the need for state-sanctioned violence if someone is threatening violence against others, has a weapon, and is acting on it. That rarely seems to apply…

I do not understand why the fuck police are shooting people (mostly black and people of color)? If you feel threatened easily you shouldn’t be a cop. If your response to feeling threatened is violence, you shouldn’t be a cop. If you have a massive temper you shouldn’t be a cop. If you can’t handle being made fun of you shouldn’t be a cop. If you do not have sang froid you shouldn’t be a cop. It is like we hire a bunch of want to be Rambos, give them no training in de-escalation, outfit them like a military barbie doll, tell them every one is out to kill them, and send them out into the world. I think we would have better results with a police department staffed by ex-child soldiers.

I especially hate when people tell me “they didn’t listen to the cops” or “they should do what the cop says”. Should someone be shot because they don’t want to listen to cops Should someone be strangled to death while in handcuffs because they do not want to do what cops say?

Fuck that. I think the only reason you should be shot is if you have a weapon and are about to actively hurt someone. So, stop fucking killing people, especially black people.


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What comes next?


Was the January 6th attack on the capital the start or the end?

It is hard for me to believe it is the end. Why?

1. You have millions and millions of radicalized right-wing extremists. They are not going to magically disappear overnight. Nobody has deprogrammed them and they are utterly divorced from reality. And, they continue to be further radicalized by right-wing propaganda sources such as Breitbart, Newsmax, and a long list of websites you have never heard of.

2. Their coup/ethos/violence is supported by 50% of the Republican party. Think about that. That is a huge chunk of the American population proclaiming support for a violent overthrow of our Democratic government. That radicalized population believes there was election fraud despite zero evidence (why? because their leaders are saying it, Trump, Republican leadership, Republican congress, local Republican leaders, etc).

3. Trump has not been punished for his attack against this country and Democracy. He continues to be a figurehead as he denies a free and fair election.

4. The Republican party continues to do nothing because they “need” these voters. They would sell their soul, violet their oath of office, and sacrifice American Democracy in order to maintain power. We might get some nice speeches from a few of them, but where is the action?

In 1923 Hitler attempted a coup against a Democratic government. He was arrested for treason but the judge gave him an incredibly light sentence. By 1933 Hitler is in power. Looking at Spain and Japan’s history with coups is also worrying.

Nobody knows what is going to come next.

That should scare you.

We like to think that the FBI and the American Military would resist a coup and do their duty to this country. That is a pretty big assumption given that half of Republicans support this coup. And, after last week’s police response to this insurrection, you might wonder how deep the rot goes. Especially if it turns out that members of the police let violent extremists in the building.

Let’s imagine that a small group of active duty military members attempt a coup. Imagine fifty fully armed active-duty soldiers attacking a state capital or federal building. Or, imagine 3 pilots bombing an American capital. Do you really think that is unlikely given 50% of the Republican party think this coup is “justified”?

If/when this happens it will shatter Americans’ notion of our country (not to mention the power structure of the world). Normal Americans have no clue how many police are associated with white power and extreme right-wing movements. What happens when they find out the military is as badly infiltrated?

What happens next?

Overall my bet is on more violence over the next decade. Expect political assassinations, politically-motivated shootings, and bombings. I think American is in for a rude awakening as they feel the effects of the monster the Right Wing party has created over the last 30 years.

Republicans have ridden the Tiger for 30 years. Now they have to figure out how to get off before it destroys our country. And sadly… I think you will find plenty of Republicans who want to ride the Tiger straight through to a dictatorship. Josh Hawley or Ted Cruz or any number of people who pursue absolute power rather than service to our country.

What would surprise me?

  • A Republican party that puts country before party. If they voted to impeach Donald Trump in the Senate that is a bare minimum to start a path to forgiveness.
  • The country improving in any substantial way. I.E. health care made affordable, free or subsidized daycare rolled out nationwide, real unemployment insurance to help our unemployed get back on their feet, free or low-cost university to train our citizens in professions for the future, minimum wage increases that give the blue-collar and service industries the respect they deserve, whatever it takes so that cops stop shooting black people, changing what the police handle inside our community, improving our justice system so the poor get competent legal representation, paid vacation for everyone, maternity/paternity for everyone, massive education campaign to understand and discuss the racism in this country, lower military spending to improve our budget over the long term, restoring rules around media that we lifted that created this mess, getting rid of the electoral college, expanding the House to actually represent American, statehood for Puerto Rico, improve immigration and let in a ton more people to grow our economy/power, get our country on green energy for world/national security, smart gun restrictions, and  more in a longer post from 2016.

What do I *hope* for?

  • A Republican party that puts country before party.
  • I’d like to see Republican voters vote out all the traitors who created this insurrection: Ted Cruz, Hawley, and the massive list of traitors.
  • A massive campaign by the FBI to crack down on right-wing terrorism and violence. And, a massive push to remove right-wing extremists and white power nationalist from our police forces and military.
  • A massive re-alignment of the Republican party to pull it out of a 30-year descent into madness. There is online talk of Trump and his right-wing extremists forming the “Patriot Party”. I’d like to see that happen and what the result would be for our country.
  • I’d really like America to still be a Democracy in 20 years and for it to improve substantially (list above).

Good luck America. Personally, I think you are fucked. If an attempted coup on our nation’s capital and 4,000 people a day dying from a virus do not wake up the Republican voter what will? 

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Republicans attempt COUP. Traitors.


Is anyone really surprised?

Trump attempts a coup with the backing of the Republican party. The Republican party has spent decades spreading conspiracies and lies. This is Fox News, this is Breitbart, this is the last 30 years of propaganda aimed at growing cult followers. They have succeeded wildly.

As Americans we need to ask ourselves, can someone be an American and a Republican? Because from my current vantage point the answer is no. Republicans do not support democracy and are not intent on defending the country.

If you are a Republican you need to ask yourself some hard questions. Are you an American or are you going to continue to be a Republican? Do you support democratic elections and freedom, or are you a fascist who wants a coup?

As a Republican, you are going to have to EARN your way back into American society and citizenship. You have failed on every score as an American citizen. You elected a racist fascist vapid human being in 2016 and you continued to cheer him despite every piece of evidence of his true colors. In 2020 more people voted for this fascist. If you voted for him you are complicit. If you voted for him you are a traitor and a coward. Never forget what Republicans have done.

I want to see REAL action from Republican leadership. Else they are complicit and traitors. Sure Romney and Moscow Mitch and Pence can make a good speech, can they act, can they do anything meaningful? If they don’t we know what they are, traitors to this country.

Impeach him NOW and REMOVE him from this office.

Execute the 25th Amendment NOW.

Further, the Senate and House need to clean house. Members who support a coup should be stripped of their position per the constitution and at the very least censured and tried in a court of law.

Read this account of the coup.

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Traitors = Trump, Ted Cruz, and the Republican Party.


[Update] – A day later insanity strikes. An attempted coup in the USA, at least one shot and dead, insane.

The GOP is full of absolute traitors to this country.

The Republican party is actively trying to destroy democracy.

This is just the most apparent and blatant in a long line of anti-democratic activities. Be afraid when the next candidate arrives who is not as stupid and ineffective as Trump and starts leading this country into a dictatorship and fascism.

Try them for sedition.

Once again, there is not a SHRED of proof of voter fraud. American democracy is not going to survive if this keeps ups. The Republican party stands for nothing, has zero ideas on how to help Americans, and merely exists to oppose. Even when they proclaim to believe something they fail to do anything about it, look at health care and their inability to provide any working platform, look at the growth of military spending and their inability to do anything about it, look at the deficit and their ability to do anything about it, look at the license economy and their inability to do anything about it, look at Russian interference into our economy and politics and their inability to do anything about it.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Portuguese Drivers.


I’ve written before about the fun of driving in Italy… and how insanely aggressive Italian drivers are. I thought for sure I had found the worst drivers in the world yet I was stunned when I started driving in Portugal. Portuguese drivers are the most unpredictable and crazy drivers in the world. Somehow they even beat the Egyptians.

I’ve seen Portuguese drivers stopped in the middle of the highway.

I’ve seen them park on roundabouts.

They use their turn signal to signal when you should move over.

I’ve seen them stop in the middle of the road to let someone out to mail a letter, turn on their blinkers, and wait…

I’ve seen them drive in the middle of two lanes for miles.

That said, they are more random than aggressive. You just don’t know what they are going to do. I do like that I can count on Italians to both be uber aggressive, but are generally good at staying in the lines. Just this week I had two drivers try to side swipe my bike with a random lane change into me.

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Wow… how long?


I was showing Lindsey a movie trailer for Yesterday (good movie), and she asked when I had seen it. I told her oh maybe 5 or 6 years ago on a plane… so it turns out it came out in 2019 and I must have watched it on the plane to Europe in November 2019…

But ya, it certainly feels like 5 or 6 years :).

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Election Day 1 of ?…


Well, this is fun :)

About what I expected… this is going to take weeks to finish counting as it has come down to a few key states.

Biden will most likely still squeak out a win (Trumps odds are up though). The chance of a Democratic Senate is probably finished, meaning nothing is going to change. The Republicans will be Republicans and oppose everything. Meanwhile, on TV tonight an attempted coup by President Drumpf who doesn’t want to count all the votes. We shall see how that goes and if we still have a Democracy by Thanksgiving.

I was really hoping there would be a mandate/repudiation of Trump. I am not seeing that currently. We shall see how counts come in if anything changes. But in completed districts, you can see that he actually gained votes in a lot of key areas.

Just look at the above so far… those people looked at the last 4 years and said I want more of that and I support what is going on. Just think about that. We shall see how the final numbers land.

3 Conclusions (in my mind)…

1. The same conclusion as 2016. The America I thought I knew is over and dead.

2. Propaganda and your ability to spread that virally is what wins elections. Both for blue/red… but especially red. This should not be surprising given the history, but I like to believe people try to educate themselves on key issues. But from conversations with friends on both sides, it is clear ~90% is just the messaging and antidotes. Nobody wants complexity, they just want stories that back up their way of thinking. And, fear/hate work really well.

This seems especially evident when you look at how many “liberal” ballot measures pass and responses from the exit polls. Just look at how Florida passes a minimum wage increase, legalized weed, stricter gun laws, spending on green energy, immigration, etc…

3. As a species I am wary of our ability to overcome climate change. Some good trends showing up, but we are cutting this dangerously close to limits that would protect our future economy and modern survival. I still have a lot of hope, but it is fading fast. I figure in 10 years or so we will know if my son needs to learn to grow gills.

Oh, and some fun posts so far :)

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Election Day 2020.


So here we are… weeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

It is like a roller coaster you are not allowed to get off :)

What do I expect for election day? Nothing… most likely nothing will be decided on election day. It will probably take a few weeks, if not Thanksgiving, for all the counting, recounts, legal challenges, and so on.

What do I not want to see? Violence. I am particularly worried about violence by the right to scare off voters. And, I am very concerned about what Trump supporters will do when he loses (especially with his false claims of voter fraud). I also don’t want to see the Courts pick the win for Trump and further subvert the election process. I would also like the USA to remain a democracy.

If I get a magical unicorn wish what do I want to see? An overwhelming win by Biden by 20+ points nationally. That would partially restore my faith in America as a country and ethos. Is that going to happen? No. And, even if it did I think America has broken me. These last 4 years have been long, but I think they are just a more blunt version of the last 20 years. America is just a country, like any other. There is nothing special about it anymore. It is good at a few things, it is really bad at a lot of other things. When you are raised to think a place is special you feel very betrayed when it fails to live up to 90% of those values. And, I am disgusted by the selfish and materialistic culture it has created. Even if Biden wins that is nothing, I don’t expect much out of the Democrats even if they control all 3 houses (including white house). They fail to see how the game has changed and fail to adjust how they play the game.

Some gifs for election day.

There is a good chance Trump will be reelected. A small part of me wants to see that world. I do not think people change without real and persistent pain, and there are a lot of Americans who need 4 more years of Republican pain in order to change their beliefs. Part of me wants them to get their wish.

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My vote is in for 2020!!!


My vote is in for 2020! Lindsey and I are doing a news fast until November 1st. I do not expect us to know who the next President is until Thanksgiving due to the time it takes to count mail-in votes… although I am hoping for a blow out so Trump can’t launch a coup. I am worried about the violence we are going to see over the next 10 years from the Trump cult. Interesting time to be alive.

I am very glad to not be in the USA during this period.

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Interesting times :)


Wow, the world is getting a bit crazy here :)

I thought China would moderate after this mess but they continue to drive the bus off the cliff. They move forward with the HK security law and now the news is breaking about forced population control of the Uyghurs. That does not play well in the rest of the world.

Does China think the rest of the world is unable to make stuff somewhere? They might be right, but that seems like a pretty big gamble.

I would imagine a lot of countries are saying how can we back out of this deal over the next 10 years? How can we saddle China with persistent 30% to 40% unemployment and keep them busy domestically?

It is hard for me to think Huawei is going to get bids now. It seems possible the 2022 Beijing Olympics will be a boycott fest. It is hard for me not to think the new American administration will go pretty hard line against them… we shall see, but it seems like the rest of the world is lining up against them. Not to say the rest of the world is united in any way, but China is doing a good job of trying to help them.

With how 2020 has gone so far, it makes me think Tawain is about to get invaded and WW3.


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First quarter of a game that we can’t end.


We are still in the first quarter of a game that we do not know how to end.

The reaction of the stock market has been fascinating. I’ve seen good arguments on either side. The sectors hit hardest are not zooming back, and those that should be the strongest are doing the best. But, they are still making some pretty big assumptions about the impact this is going to have on the economic system as a whole. Blaming retail traders for this bounce seems insane. The FED has signaled what they plan to do to backstop the economy and now the question seems to be will it work and will poor leadership prevent the action we need to safeguard things.

If the Republicans keep the Senate I could easily see them destroying the economy and sending us into another great depression. Moscow Mitch has already signaled he is willing to drive the economy off a cliff between now and January. Maybe the pressure will get to him, but maybe he doesn’t care.

When I look at the big picture it seems like it could easily take 5 to 10 years to retool the economy. I am hoping for a magical vaccine but that isn’t guaranteed in so many ways. If we lose 50% of restaurants and the food landscape changes how do you move all those jobs to new areas quickly. The USA might be in a terrible position now, but the fastest to rebound given how brutal and inhumane our society is.

I am excited about the political possibilities for 2020 and onward. I am hopeful that we get a new social contract if the Democrats can take the Senate and now be the idiots they usually are. I think the pain our country and the world is about to enter is going to be on such a massive scale that change will finally be possible. The scary thing is that change could as easily be backward toward fascism and fear as it could toward social progress.

What would I love to see?

  • Health care. The government needs to chop costs down severely and I don’t care how they do it. Our drugs should be the same cost as the EU, hospitals need standard costs for procedures, and we need to make health insurance both affordable but also COVER HEALTH EMERGENCIES. What is the point of insurance if you have a $10,000 deductible. So frustrating and backward.
  • Reimagine the police, split up their current duties to people trained to do them and every officer has to be re-evaluated in order to be hired. Traffic is now traffic safety (no fucking guns and give them hot pink cars), crime is handled by community safety, etc. Send people to help mentally ill people who know how to do that, and give them money to help those people (Reagen shut that all down). Help homeless people get back on their feet like Utah is doing.
  • College – Free or a very small cost for everyone. It would be great to look at technical schools and doing the same. If we want to make a play at high-end manufacturing we need that too.
  • Expand kindergartens to age 3 months. Colorado starting this push, just keep pushing the age down and hiring. Pay teachers more.
  • Maternity/Paternity – Paid 3 months by the gov, increase payroll taxes.
  • Paid Vacation- 3 to 4 weeks even with hourly jobs.
  • Unemployment System – We need to take a hard look at that system and how to help people get back on their feet with better skills. We don’t want people in despair and we want them adding to our tax base, can we do better? And, can we stop stupid states from punishing people for losing a job like Florida.
  • Retirement – Increase social security payouts by a good 25% and fix your stupid COL adjustments, increase payroll taxes, and close the silly loopholes for high earners.
  • Legalize weed everywhere.
  • If you are not going to increase the minimum wage you need to view the cost of food and housing as national security issues. Food is decent in the USA as you can get it cheap if you know what you are doing and learn to love hormones and antibiotics and animal and environment abuse. Housing is much harder. I’d love to see federal and state legislation to end the hold NIMBA and property taxes hold over housing cost.
  • Climate change needs a massive push on infrastructure and a revamp so much of how we operate our electricity and industry.
  • Reduce spending on the military by 30%.
  • Increase taxes on the upper class, and progressively tax dividends and interest payments. Start revamping taxes so that Americans make less but get 5x more from their gov.
  • Revamp capital gains to start at a 35% tax if it is held for under 2 years, then slowly reduce it down to 10% to 15% if held for over 10 years.
  • Stop allowing the police or whatever replaces them to run the city on fines. There are a lot of problems with city/state funding and where that money is coming from and incentivizing. I’d rather cities/states be run on weed/liquor/tobacco/lottery taxes than the cost to put a roof over someone’s head.
  • IRS – Increase funding to do audits.
  • EPA – Actually protect the environment and give them teeth to go after companies and seize stock ownership the more they violate.
  • SEC – More funding, and give them a share of the winnings in cases.
  • I’d love to see us pay government officials like the private sector. Our president should be making a few million a year minimum. Congress should be making 500k or more a year with a housing allowance. We make them whores for the private sector instead of efficient gov servants. Go look at Singapore and how they pay their people.
  • Get rid of the electoral college.
  • Let PR vote on if they want to become a state, same for DC.
  • Reparations – We need to talk about them. How can we equalize the economic damage done against the black community over the last 250 years? Not an easy answer.

A random list of ideas from over the years. We shall see what happens.

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It is *hard* to look at this photo.

Is this America or some tin hat dictatorship?

Police playing soldier, actual soldiers, and private mercenaries in American streets.

I have so much grief and anger for what America could be versus the monster it has become. It hurts to watch a country with such promise and high ideals fail to live up to either. It has failed its citizens.

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May update from Spain…


On Monday Valencia will move to Phase 2. The big change for me is the ability to do sport multiple times a day and without distance/time restrictions. And, kids will be allowed out anytime they want. The only remaining restriction is to not be outside for sport from 10 am to 12 pm and 7 pm to 8 pm so the 70+ demographic can have some exclusive time outside.

What else is new? Restaurants can open and be at 30% capacity indoors. They were allowed to open if they had a terrace a few weeks ago, but only at 50% capacity with space between tables. Most have stayed closed. The beach is going to open too. And, come July 1st Spain will open up foreign inbound/outbound travel.

What’s next for us?

We are thinking about doing a road trip to Southern France (once the borders reopen in July). We don’t plan to eat indoors, just outside. And, we plan to rent AirBNBs and cook most of our meals inside. We want to do a lot of hikes, eat some delicious things, see some history, and explore (I plan to do some bike rides!). We are still waiting to see if this makes sense, but it looks good so far.

Thoughts right now…

  • I look at what I see coming down the economic pipeline and I am dumbfounded with the stock market and some individual’s reactions. I do not think people see the absolute economic tsunami that is building and about to break over our heads. There is nothing to compare it with. With the data on Covid so far I do not see how you can keep operating any business that has people talking indoors and not expect this thing to spread like wildfire (schools, restaurants, airplanes, etc).  I am hopeful that contract tracing and massive testing could keep this from spreading… but so far I don’t see much promise there (esp with the Federal response in the USA).

  • I think the decision to shut down the economy to stop this from spreading was the right decision given the information we had at the time. That said, I am beginning to think that a response that pushes the young in front of this thing might make sense. It hurts me to say that… and I am still debating it in my head. Maybe by reopening schools, you infect the young and their parents who are the least likely to die from this. I don’t like it but I am having a hard time seeing other options right now in the USA… and possibly in Europe. The economy isn’t everything, but it annoys me when people think it is just about money.
  • I’ve been thinking about how restaurants could survive, can they partition off tables with massive individual filtration and airflow going up? Can governments push a bit of a Marshal plan to re-invent how we do public spaces?
  • I’ve been trying to look for a really good mask with a fan to provide better airflow. So far there are a few emerging but all sold out.
  • The 2020 USA election terrifies me. American society in its current state terrifies me. It is like spending 20 years watching a Volcano build and build… what is going to happen?
  • Watching a lot of people think we are going to go back to normal and that we beat this thing, and wondering what is going to happen politically and economically when they realize Covid isn’t going anywhere…
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