Augmented Reality Part 3


Wonder what this means for gaming?

Check this article out and the video is below. I can’t wait!

Augmented Reality Part 2


My earlier post went over some possibilities with Augmented Reality, now look what the Netherlands are doing with cell phones to take the first step in creating this new reality!

I Need iTunes For My Kindle Books


I realized today as I tried to sort out my Kindle books that there is no software application to do this with. Amazon or someone needs to make this as it would be nice to have something that can sort and show me my digital books (as well as load them on my Kindle) and allow me to load my actual books so I can see my library.

It can’t be too hard to make something that does this for the Kindle, I know there is stuff out there to scan in my books and handle all that.

Georgia Acquarium And Trip Home


I didn’t have the best trip home, as best I can tell some Subway I ate was no good and ended up in Atlanta laying on the floor for 12 hours with stomach cramps and hugging the toliet. After 12 hours of that I finally got a few hours of sleep and woke up weak but not dieing. Which was good as I had another two days of driving to do and this only added one extra day to the drive home.

I spent the next day going to the Atlanta Aquarium which is one of the best in the country! I really liked it but I still think the one in Thailand was better in number of exhibits, the Georgia one just had lots of really really big areas. It was still an awesome place and I highly recommend it, just check out the photos to see how big the place is. I believe they currently hold the record for the largest tank and they have a 9 foot Manta Ray that will grow to 27 feet.

The Hangover And Up – Both Fantastic!


Fucking Hilarious

I’m going to call this one early, the funniest movie of 2009 is The Hangover, go watch it and be sure to check the trailer out! I laughed the entire time… which was dangerous as apparently a medium soda at a movie theater means 72oz, aka a soda swimming pool.

I also give Up best animation this year! Great story and I think it might actually be my third or fourth favorite movie from Pixar. Right after Monsters Inc, Nemo, and The Incredibles.

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