My Second Half Marathon! In 1H:43M


I was able to shave a little over six minutes off my previous half marathon time, I’m pretty happy with that plus I felt a lot better. My legs didn’t hurt or tense up and I could have pushed a lot harder and probably done under eight minutes on my eight through eleventh miles. So my time for the 13 miles was 1.43.41.

My Mile Pace:
1 – 7:58
2- 7:44
3- 7:34
4- 7:34
5 – 7:39
6- 7:53
7 – 7:55
8 – 8:02
9 – 8:06
10 – 8:19
11 – 8:26
12 – 7:57
13 – 8:27

Denver Zoo Rocks!


It was almost 70 degrees in Denver today so I decided to go to the zoo instead of working all day… It was a great choice as the Denver Zoo rocks, its one of the better zoos I’ve ever been too and I highly recommend a visit. Some of the fish displays were as good as a well run aquarium, they had tons of different kinds of monkeys, huge komodo dragons, baby red pandas, hyenas, lions, bears, polar bears, penguins, tons of birds, a tropical house, and tons more. I had a great time and can’t wait to go back!

All the photos are with my iPhone so the quality is shit. I joined the Denver Zoo as a member so I can go whenever I want plus a free guest. It will be a nice break in the heart of winter to go chill in the warm tropical rooms and read and hang out with my friend the three toed sloth.

PS, they had way way too many snakes.

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Bathtubs Are Super Weird…


I haven’t taken a bath since I was four years old and I think most of my time was spent making my hair stand straight up using shampoo or splashing my little brother or zooming around the waterfront with my motor boat. My new apartment has a bathtub that I actually fit in so I decided to give it a go 23 years later. Its pretty nice, kinda like a hot tub but smaller and with no moving water. So I sat there, not really sure what you do in a bathtub, it was odd. I guess it was relaxing to some degree but still weird, showers seem like the more obvious choice. Maybe I just need to buy some bath toys (military attack boats or maybe remote control hovercraft) to make it more fun or I can always just fill it with ICE and beer.

Harevest 2008 (Halloween)


Wow what a great Harvest for Halloween weekend! Our team costume was British Gentlemen and more importantly for Saturday night I fulfilled a life long dream of being Goose from Top Gun, mostly because I’ve had a crush on Meg Ryan since first grade and he is married to her in the movie. Oh Meg Ryan how divine you are!

A Hike Near Denver


Me and Joel went on a Hike a few weeks ago and here are some pictures, hopefully work calms down and can do this more and hopefully try out some cross country skiing!

Can’t wait to do more as I get time over the next months. I can’t fraking wait for some snow too! Haven’t seen any in a few years due to being in Egypt!

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I’m In Denver, Moved In, And Super Busy


Well I’m in Denver and working like crazy! I’m slowly getting moved into our apartment, first here are some pictures of it as I love this place! Its one of the most origional spaces I’ve ever seen! That is right 3 exclamation points used in the last 3 sentences…

The place is inside this old church from the 1800s, it was actually the tallest building in Denver for a while and is like the 7th or 8th building on the Denver historic registry.

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