When do you stop being a democracy?


Is the USA a democracy if your vote influences your “elected” leaders less than the money they receive from special interest?

At what point and by what metric marks that inflection? Is this a new type of democracy where votes are not per person but per dollar? Dollarocracy?

This is something I’ve been thinking on a lot lately, and wondering what a tipping point would mean for the country. The vast majority of people are totally disillusioned with politics, and it all seems to come back to the huge amount of money involved in the process. In the old days different political machines would buy votes and walk people to polls, how different is that then the modern practice of spending billions of dollars in secret super pacs that do media buys with 30 second of false information on both sides? Doesn’t seem like much of a difference.

First run in a long time…


I had my first run in a long time now that my injury is healed. I still have a lot of rehab to do before I can start pushing up the miles but it was a really good feeling. I really miss running, such a fun feeling to move over the ground like that :) !

Split Croatia, one of the most beautiful and relaxed places on earth :)!


I love Split, I spent June and July here in 2013 and I am amazed how much it has grown since then. Tourism is really booming which is good for the economy :)

Here is a great pic as a big storm was rolling in yesterday…


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