Walking Hadrian’s Wall – The Summary



It was a good walk! I feel like I got really lucky on weather as it was perfect the entire way apart from a few rain storms and some strong winds. I really like long walks, it is very calming, and you get a lot of time to think. I didn’t use my headphones once the entire week.

Day 1 – 9 Miles in 2 hours 30 minutes
Day 2 – 21 Miles in 5 hours 30 minutes
Day 3 – 18 miles in 5 hours 45 minutes
Day 4 – 15 Miles in 4 hours 45 minutes
Day 5 – 20.5 Miles in 5 hours 45 minutes
Day 6 – 15 Miles in 5 hours

Total? 98.5 miles, the trail is 84 miles so the extra is from getting lost and walking to places to sleep every night.

What do I recommend to navigate Hadrian’s Wall?
Google maps + the map on the Hadrian’s Wall app. Using those two you can get anywhere.

What did I learn?
The Romans were incredible! This video has the highlights :)

What would I do differently?
I could have probably gotten away with packing one less sweater, and one more pair of socks. In Spain when I did a long walk it was very dry, and the UK just keeps your socks pretty soggy. I also recommend getting hiking boots instead of trainers, as i had to use plastic bags since they were not water proof. I think that is the only thing i would change apart from taking a little more time but I needed to be back to work on Monday.

How far did I walk for my week on the camino? I was in better shape, but I walked ~143 miles in 7 days. Of course I also overdid that one, and came away with a sprained ankle for a few weeks. But it was fun and one day I managed to walk 36+ miles.

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“Walking Hadrian’s Wall – The Summary”

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    […] walked all of Hadrian’s Wall which has been a long term goal. In 6 days I walked a total of 98.5 miles :). Pictures of Day 1, […]

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