Good Vacation In St. Maartin!


I had a great vacation on St. Maartin, it was the first time in maybe 6 or 7 years I’ve gone a long period with no internet (10 days). It wasn’t hard at all which was surprising too.

I went snorkeling every day, swam for hours, and just read under a nice awning right on the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen (mostly because I think the water is an amazing color). Plus enjoyed some rum, got a zillion new freckles, rented a jeep for a few days and drove all around the island to try other beaches, sampled a lot of french bakeries, ate a lot of fish, etc. And I read 21 books while on break, so I’ve hit my goal for this year with having read 124 books so far!

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Ben -> Vacation Town


I will be on a much needed vacation after a vicious burn out cycle the last month. It reminds me how important it is to take a long break every year or else you just hit a emotional and physical wall of terribleness. Especially when working 24/7 on multiple projects. I have a box of Christmas presents I still haven’t sent out after 10 months because every moment of downtime I’m trying to recover from uptime (I’m going to try to work that into a web hosting joke one day).

Anyway, i’ll be on an island (St. Maartin) with no internet for 10 days!

While I’m gone please take the time to enjoy the following hilarious jokes: Best Chuck Norris Jokes, Top 50 Chuck Norris Facts, And more CN jokes…, and 100 funniest jokes of all time!

My 2nd Marathon :)


I added this in later as I wanted to write down my times on my 2nd one that I ran on October 1st, 2011. I wasn’t planning on running one, but about halfway through I was feeling good and decided to do it. I was just aiming to finish in under 4 hours. I did this around my normal DC circuit.

Mile 1: 10.01
Mile 2: 10.00
Mile 3: 9.10
Mile 4: 8.53
Mile 5: 8.51
Mile 6: 8.33
Mile 7: 9.14
Mile 8: 9.00
Mile 9: 8.43
Mile 10: 8.38
Mile 11: 8.41
Mile 12: 8.45
Mile 13: 9.01
Mile 14: 9.34
Mile 15: 9.39
Mile 16: 10.48
Mile 17: 8.49
Mile 18: 8.48
Mile 19. 8.45
Mile 20: 8.51
Mile 21: 8.35
Mile 22: 9.05
Mile 23: 9.16
Mile 24: 9.04
Mile 25: 9.10
Mile 26: 9.16

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