Shutting down my entrepreneur sites.


I am doing some spring cleaning and taking these 3 sites offline. They were a fun project and reminded me how much I hate working with WordPress :). I pulled the content over here for now that I had written.

I launched these to test a larger project I was playing with (to build a community for entrepreneurs). I am glad I did the tests as I learned that entrepreneurs really don’t have time for anything as most of them are in a pretty hectic place. And, I got a good look at the content mills around that entrepreneur space.

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Kids allowed out!


Sunday was the first day in around 6 weeks Calico was allowed outside. Lindsey took him to the park along with his bike, and I took him this morning. Kids are allowed out with one parent for one hour within 1km.

This morning it was like watching him at Christmas :). He was so excited to see grass and trees and just run free. I was too!

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90 Day Nutrition & Weight Challenge!


[Update] Going on a trip July 1st, so stopping this a little early. I lost about 12lb, and been a bit flat the last month at around 220. That seems to be my normal weight with the added muscle. I def played with macros and felt lost. The coach was useless as it was just a service to cheer weight loss and not teach you about how to make sure you know what you are eating. When I get back from this trip I plan to play more with the balance between carbs/protein/fat. I hit some low points where I had no energy through this and I want to figure out how to do that better.

I am doing a 90-day challenge to lose weight, maintain muscle, and learn more about nutrition. This will run from April 13th through Sunday, July 12th. I am going to work with a nutritionist at Stronger U and read some books.

Why am I doing this?

#1 – I want to learn more about nutrition and the ratios of what I should be eating (carb/fat/protein). I want to understand the science behind increasing and decreasing my meals while ramping up workouts because I sometimes crash. And, I want to see if I can eat less meat while getting enough protein on my AIP diet (ongoing concern).

#2 – I want to lose weight but without losing muscle. I currently weigh 232lb and that is the heaviest I’ve ever been. A big chunk of that is the muscle I’ve gained from rehab/ST over the last couple of years. But, I am sure a good chunk of that is fat too.

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Day 30: Once the lockdown is over…


I like this video because is a good reference to the long term Republican strategy to destroy the American government and its ability to operate effectively. Watching the USA implode is disheartening on so many levels, and yet so expected at this point.

We’ve got another 2 weeks to go until maybe we can go outside here in Spain. We shall see if it gets extended again :). Data is looking better but this thing has a long tail.

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American leadership absent globally…


From a Southeast Asia newsletter I follow:

I recently attended a webinar on Southeast Asian responses to the Covid-19 put on by the Singapore-based risk firm Vriens and Partners that ended when the moderator asked representatives of nine countries what offers of help they had received from US officials. Not a single participant could name any response from the US.

In the meantime, China has gone from the target of global outrage over its attempts to cover up the emergence of Covid-19 to mounting intensive efforts to stop it – not without scars – while the United States has completely abdicated almost any role. It is the most recent and most dramatic demonstration of Washington’s loss of global soft-power leadership.


China’s attempt to demonstrate soft power in the crisis – a bid to salvage its reputation – is a relatively new phenomenon, and despite its calculated generosity, it is hitting rough spots. Taiwan’s recovery, in the midst of China’s bullying the rebellious island, was hardly flattering. It is not having much success in erasing the fact that the virus originated in China and that it was China’s mishandling of the situation that allowed it to escape, causing tens of thousands of deaths, nor that as much as 40 percent of its test kits are defective.

Good read on China’s actions so far here. The world is changing, I do not want to see the USA abdicate its role.

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Trump and Republicans response to this crisis.


Good writeup here. What frustrates me the most is how this is the result of 30+ years of Republican’s war on the government. They have systematically destroyed trust in an insition and hobbled its abilities at every turn. Then when it fails they point and say “see”, like Tonya Harding being caught with a crowbar in hand but trying to pretend they are blameless.

I know they really believe that smaller government is better, but that doesn’t mean you need to break every aspect of government. What is the end goal for them? Anarchy? Rich feudal lords who hold all power instead of government?

Thoughts are with medical personal right now admit the shortages of protection gear :(.

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Day 22 of 43…


For good reason, they decided to extend the lockdown to April 26th. Our hope is they slowly relax it so that people can at least go out to walk, especially with kids.

Going without cardio is HARD, at about 2 to 2.5 weeks I hit a wall of just blah and really wanting to get some type of workout. It is too bad they sold out of treadmill and stationary bikes here so fast :). I workout daily with weights and some other stuff but it isn’t the same. I am impressed with how Calico is holding up so far, he wants to go out but understands we can’t yet.

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Day 18 of 30: Calico story.


Calico was doing some kid’s yoga this morning in front of the TV. I sat down to eat and after a while, he said he was going to pause the TV to ask me a question. He paused the TV, walked over, sat down on the chair facing me and asked me, why are we in quarantine? I explained how diseases spread and he listened to me very intently. It was a little surreal. Then we talked about how much we were looking forward to biking outside and running in the park. He asked me if I would throw a frisbee with him when we could go outside. Then, he got off the chair and asked to watch the hungry caterpillar story on Youtube.

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