Buy American Plan…


Once again the Democrats suck Obama towards the old short sighted view that requiring all government purchases for infrastructure improvements be from American Iron and Steel manufactures… Screw competition or the fact that our steal is not competitive with the rest of the world, its a short term solution to help a dieing industry until the people in it can move on.

I really hope this doesn’t pass, focus that money on building new jobs in green technology so the workers can move there where they are going to be uber competitive. Don’t waste money by spending more than you should to make the improvements on our infrastructure, invest long term in America Obama and say no. Maybe build wind power and throw money at that, at least that is a long term improvement for both our economy and the people it will shift those jobs too.

Hopefully Obama says change…

Original story via Forbes: White House reviewing ‘Buy American’ plan.

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Finalist For A SEO Semmy!


An article I wrote on PageRank sculpting is a finalist for a 2009 Semmy in the SEO category! If you want to read the article it is here or you can view the other great articles that made it here.

You can vote for my article to win here too!

2009 SEMMY Nominee

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Vegas is crazy.


No text until I recover.

CC Skiing Round 3


Joel, Dmarsh, Steve and me went cross country skiing this weekend. The route we choose was quite a bit harder than the other two I had done because the path was packed down and very icy. So going up hill we either had to walk or put on skins so that we didn’t slip backwards and fall to our fiery deaths. It was a lot of fun coming down though and even though we all fell quite a bit I managed to do ok. I can’t wait to get better so we can actually ski some of the more remote areas.

Ski Adventure 2009!


I finally went skiing (cross country) for the first time and it was awesome! Ended up going back and renting skis again a few days later and did a trail on our own on some far away snowy mountain. Here are some pictures of me and Lizzie trying to trudge through very deep snow and falling on slippery ice. Going to start going as its good for me to get out of the house and see that bright bright object in the sky.

Fun With A Heat Sensor At Denver Museum


The Denver museum has this awesome camera setup that shows heat signatures on your body. Was a blast to play with, we filled our mouths with cold water from water fountains to see how long it took to turn that, measured how much heat your clothes trapped, and a lot more!

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Cars Suck Sometimes + New Computer!


So I lost my keys to my 96 Acura and it turns out that in order to make some new ones you need a red key which I didn’t get when I bought it used (I doubt anyone does). So now to replace the keys I have to buy a new computer for my car, it cost $280 which makes me think this computer really sucks. Can it play Left For Dead or other games? Why does a nice car have such a shitty computer. Anyway it sucks but hopefully by Thursday the part comes in and I can park my car in the garage and ignore it.

In other news I ordered a new desktop computer! I’ve had my old one since 2006 and been having problems lately playing new games on it which blows my mind as it used to be so fast. Being stuck in one place means I need to be able to shoot zombies and other creatures of darkness to keep stress levels low, sometimes I name the zombies after servers I dislike that are having problems such as utu and delbin. Anyway its all coming from NewEgg for me to put together this week hopefully.

– Intel i7 920 CPU
– 6GB Memory (DDR3)
– 64 Bit Windows Vista
– GeForce GTX 295
– 300GB 10k rpm SATA2 hard drive.

Plus I’m finally getting some speakers that don’t cost $20 bucks from Walmart! Some Z-5550 from Logitech and its supposed to be quite loud so hopefully I can disturb my roommate with gunshots and zombie death screams.

Lost Keys… Phone… Etc…


Well I went skiing and have a lot of other good posts coming but I lost my keys so I’m having to wait to replace those in order to get my phone and my camera to post pictures and stories. Hopefully tomorrow!

Lizzie visited for a week! We finally went skiing which was awesome, and had a fun week! Back to catching up on work and excited about finally finishing a big project so can start some fun ones after that.

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