Denver Aquarium, Not Too Shabby


My family is in town for Christmas which has been nice despite working so much. Today we went down to the Denver Aquarium which now holds the award of being the only aquarium I’ve ever been too that has Tigers. What is up with that? A pretty good aquarium although I get bored by all the American fish which just seem so boring and brown. The shark room was amazing and the environments they built were pretty cool as well.

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Little India In Denver Is Freaking Awesome


I strongly recommend Little India in Denver, I’ve only bee there twice but the food is delicious! They have a lunch buffet too which is great for trying new things. They have had several different dishes each time I’ve been and their lassis are perfect as well.

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Chedd’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches…


I ate tonight at a really weird restaurant that serves mostly gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, the name of the place is Chedd’s and it was actually pretty good. They have like 40 different kinds of cheeses and different kinds of bread, for $5 bucks it was a pretty good deal.

I also walked over to the denver downtown YMCA, it is the first YMCA I’ve ever been in and was not too bad. Older crappy building and super weird layout but the machines were in good shape. Trying to find some place to run so I don’t slip on the ice and break my legs.

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Finally Snowed!


And it was freaking awesome, snow is far better than sand! Although I wonder if I will feel this way in three months or if I’ll get tired of it. Regardless I will throw a snow ball at your face if I see you.

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