Calico takes a stroller ride.


I am having so much fun with one eye :)

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Happiness is…


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Michael Phelps went 5 years without missing training.


Wow! This guy is a fighter. Michael Phelps went 5 years without missing a single day of training. Training on Christmas? Yes. Training on his birthday? 2x. Really amazing guy and fascinating to see the arc of his personal history, especially the huge bump he hit in the middle and then found his way back to an even higher level.

I especially love the stories of him swimming against people in 2016 that he motivated to get into the sport when they were 12. Amazing drive.

This is hands down my favorite pump up video:

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A Date Which Will Live in Infamy.


The date was April 23rd 2017, a quiet Sunday evening. My wife and I had been married for 855 days plus another year on top of that during which we were dating. During that time we had a baby, traveled the world living in studio apartments, and so much life. But, for all that time my wife had not tooted one peep… but on April 23rd a magnificent thing happened, as she walked up the stairs she let out the cutest little toot in front of me :).

A remarkable record as she swears she is nothing internally but sugar, vanilla and all things nice.

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All Or Nothing


Internally I hit “all or nothing” as a thinking trap pretty often. What is all or nothing thinking?

Seeing things in absolute (black-or-white) terms, without recognizing the middle ground (e.g., success/failure, perfect/worthless).

For me this trap seems to emerge over self-discipline, my performance, and my health. It is a shitty trap to fall in as you take a small loss and turn it into losing the entire war. Combine that with high internal standards and being shitty at self-forgiveness and I can get some pretty critical internal thoughts or even depression.

All or nothing thinking has some serious pros though and as a tool, I do not think I would be where I am today without it. The hard part is trying to figure out if it is still effective, and if so when and to what degree. If you can maintain the “all” it can lead to high levels of achievement, skill, expectations, and drive.

On the negative side, the “nothing” can lead to loss of self-confidence, depression, being very tough on yourself, inability to do things just for fun, inability to relax, pushing your body harder than it should, and the feeling that nothing is ever good enough. It can also sabotage the effort you have put in just because you missed one little step that largely does not matter (ie perfection over progress).

I grew up with the concept that a failure of your health/body is a personal failure, and that seems to be where “all or nothing” thinking is most potent. I’d really like to get rid of that… Anyway, just something I’ve been thinking on lately.

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Self Discipline & Self Forgiveness


How do self-discipline and self-forgiveness interact? If you are trying to be disciplined in how you pursue your endeavors how do you find the capacity to forgive yourself when you miss a day or “slip” in your self-discipline practice?

I am not very forgiving toward myself. I am very critical and internally I hold myself to very high standards. When I feel I have failed I am very hard on myself. I also tend to sway towards all or nothing thinking, and if I fail I feel that I’ve let down all the steps that came before that one. It can be a pretty brutal combination.

Someone challenged me on this recently and I have been thinking about it a lot… The questions I have rolling around my head are things like:

How do you balance self-discipline with forgiveness for yourself?
At what point does forgiveness hurt your self-discipline practice?
Can you be too kind or forgiving toward yourself?
What does self-forgiveness look like?
When does self-discipline become a lack of flexibility?

What is self-discipline?
I read a lot of short definitions from dictionaries and a lot of longer posts on blogs, here are my 2 favorites (they jive the best for me internally):

#1 – On the surface self-discipline essentially comes down to having a reason to do something and sticking to it for the long-haul. However, this is not just about the process of pursuing a goal. It’s more specifically about your ability to control your desires and impulses to stay focused on what needs to get done to successfully achieve that goal. As such, self-discipline involves committing to long-term gains without falling prey to instant gratification along the way.

And, they created a nice graphic to explain it (click to expand)

#2 – Self-discipline is the process of building specific habits over time that can help you obtain a desired outcome, objective or goal. In other words, it’s about taking small consistent actions that help you form the habits that subsequently help you attain your goal.

This sounds a lot more forgiving than the voices in my head. They have a more holistic feel to self-discipline, instead of a one lane road you are charging down and if you step off you fail it is about improvements here, then here, over there, and as long as you consistently improving you are going the right way.

Perhaps I have gotten lost in the weeds and focused too much on the small steps instead of seeing my progress on the big map and appreciating how far I have gone. IE, it isn’t a set of dominos I fail at if one doesn’t fall down because I will move forward the next time. That is a much kinder thought process than one failure = huge deal = you are failing at x.

One tidbit I really liked on a blog post this post by Kristen Lamb was the following:

Just like working out our biceps, we must be wise how we train our self-discipline if we hope for long-term success. If I wanted to build my bicep and I went to the gym and did 500 curls with a heavy dumbbell, then who is the REAL dumbbell? My arm would be sore and likely injured, and it certainly wouldn’t inspire me to want to return to work out. Self-discipline is the same. Don’t start Day One trying to have the discipline of a Shaolin Monk. That is a formula to fail.

This took a long time for me to learn, and I still struggle. I still try to zoom up to 100 and power through instead of applying a light touch and building the habit first.

Why is self-forgiveness important?
This was a hard one for me to answer as it is not something I am good at. I am reading a lot on this subject and psychologists say it is key to psychological well-being (which makes it sounds important ;) ). I am going to continue to explore this one and start trying a few things to encourage this practice (loved this read – highly recommended as all his writings are fantastic).

Why do I value self-discipline?
Because with practice I am able to better prioritize what and why I am doing something, avoid distractions, and get the things done which take me closer to my big goals. I am going to die, and I do not want to look back and see myself wasting time on things that were not important to me, or that I didn’t think deeply about why I was doing them. For me it is about deliberate action/living. If I am outside reading, it is because I love that and want to be there.

“Amateurs wait for inspiration. The rest of us get up and go to work.” ~Stephen King.

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Snowy Boulder Colorado :)


A shorty beautiful hike on Saturday after Boulder got a dusting of snow (it was supposed to be a foot). We are both still loving it here, great town!

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