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Once upon a time in Hollywood…


This movie is AWESOME! This is the best movie I’ve probably seen in 5 years… just genius the way it comes around in the end :).

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Master & Commander Movie


This is one of my favorite movies and Rusell Crowe was awesome. If you haven’t seen this I strongly recommend you do, it is routinely underrated IMO. Based on some great books too.

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Grantchester TV Show Recommendation


I just finished season 3 of Grantchester and highly recommend it. A clergyman and cop solve crimes in an era right after WW2. Fun stuff and def worth a watch. Endeavour is another good one. I love murder mysteries if they are done well :)

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Movie Rec: Central Intelligience


It has been a while since I’ve posted a movie rec, but I highly recommend Central Intelligience! It was the hardest I’ve laughed at a movie in over a year, Dwayne Johnson is hilarious, and Kevin Hart too. Go watch it! The unicorn bit made me choke i laughed so hard :) . I am hoping they get a sequel in there soon.

Watch this funny bit:

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Castle TV Show – Fantastic!


I’m in love with this show, hilarious, great cast dynamic, etc etc. If you are looking for something fun check out Castle. Plus it’s got Nick from firefly which is also great.

Obviously slightly below BSG, The Wire, STNG, GOT… But on par with law and order svu and normal, 30 rock, etc.

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Movie Rec: Warrior


I strongly recommend watching the movie Warrior, fantastic movie! Not a lot of people saw it which is a shame. About family and brothers, all set in with a MMA / new American economy backdrop.

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2 Great Trailers! Laugher!


Check out this great trailer for an upcoming movie! Really well done trailer (and i should know as I watch them all)!

And also check out this one, looks amazing too!

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Are you afraid of Nazi Zombies?


Because you should be!

And luckily I learned this fact watching Dead Snow. Click prior link to see the trailer. Premise of the movie? Nazi zombies emerge from the snow in Sweden or Norway or one of those? And a group of nice medical students having fun for the holiday in a isolated mountain cabin get in a little bit of trouble.

Some amazingly awesome scenes of gore. Entertaining as hell.

The Pacific Mini Series


I just finished watching The Pacific and it was fantastic. It basically follows a bunch of marines over the Pacific campaign against Japan. Highly recommended and I learned two things for certain:

1. I am so glad I didn’t have to fight in the Pacific campaign.

2. I hope I never have to fight against the Japanese or anyone in a Pacific campaign or anything in southest Asia.

Great mini series, please go watch it if you love history. Sad/interesting ending as it goes over all the guys who served and where they ended up.

Inception – Go see it!


I saw this yesterday and highly recommend it, creepy as hell but very entertaining. Similar to the Matrix in a lot of ways and the best movie since the first Matrix. I’d give it 4.5 out of 5 stars and it deserves 4 stars just for showing that you can make an original movie even if it is a big budget movie.

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Braveheart = Awesome


braveheartSuch a great movie, go watch it and realize how awesome it is… Bam!

Mel Gibson = Great Director.

The Hangover And Up – Both Fantastic!


Fucking Hilarious

I’m going to call this one early, the funniest movie of 2009 is The Hangover, go watch it and be sure to check the trailer out! I laughed the entire time… which was dangerous as apparently a medium soda at a movie theater means 72oz, aka a soda swimming pool.

I also give Up best animation this year! Great story and I think it might actually be my third or fourth favorite movie from Pixar. Right after Monsters Inc, Nemo, and The Incredibles.

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Terminator Salvation


Blah, better than the last one but still not spectacular.

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Wolverine and Angels and Demons


Wolverine: Suck

Angels and Demons: Ok but really killed the plot in a complicated way. Heard a few people getting confused, was funny.

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Movie Review: Star Trek



Way to just take a cereal box plot and apply it to every universe you can buy the rights too. Suck. Sure it was entertaining but it could be so much more if you put some fraking thought into the movies you make. This will die after 1 to 2 sequels and we will be left until some director with some brass balls makes something a lot better.

Going to try Wolverine and Terminator next.

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