Victoria Market In Melbourne = Awesome


I’ll post some more soon but for now just a quick note on how amazing the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne is! Nick and I went today and wandered for a long time.

They have a ton of local wine vendors out and tasted a lot of different kinds. I ended up buying some honey mead, local dry red, two week old olive oil, and some local port. All delicious plus we just take the bottles back and can refill them for even less. Nick got a 750ml bottle for 10 bucks and 7 bucks to refill it with delicious wine. Pretty sweet deal.

Fresh rustic ciabatta bread and fruit/nut loaf. Both delicious. Goat cheese / olive oil mixture and nick got three quarter bricks of cheese for $10 bucks. Hmm what else? Two bags of awesome mushrooms, other veggies, etc! Awesome place and only a few blocks from our apartment, going to switch to buying veggies etc there as better quality and cheaper than the grocery store.

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Argggg (Pirate Noise): School Trying To Silence 9 Year Old Blogger


[Update] The Wired article kicked ass and in a matter of 48 hours got this all sorted. Someone from the government stepped in and kicked the school admins ass for trying to censor and make up some bullshit. Way to go Wired!

A very frustrating story, read the entire thing at Wired. But basically Martha Payne was writing a great blog about the dismal lunches being served at her school, and lack of nutrition, and got told she had to shut down the blog by the local council.

Hopefully they reverse it, but if not here is some good contact info to inform the council how much they suck:

If you’d like to tell the Argyll and Bute Council, who made the decision, exactly how idiotic they’ve been, their webpage is here. (And they are @argyllandbute on Twitter.)

And you can donate some money to Martha’s charity of choice too to help support her trying to get good food in schools, just go here. Good charity it looks like! Donated!

Man I hate censorship, hopefully someone from the UK government steps in and kicks them in the nuts.

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