Day Trip: Montanejos Hot Springs


Lindsey surprised me with an all-day Saturday adventure for Christmas :)! We visited some mountain villages around Valencia and eventually ended up at the Montanejos Hot Springs. We realized this was our first day alone in 3 years, we hope we get more of these now that Calico is older. It was really nice to enjoy each other’s company.

First, we stopped at a little bar in Montan for a snack. We ended up going to the olive press factory and got these beauties!

This is a special type of olive oil that you can only get in Montan… and per the locals, it cures all types of ills. We got 10 liters of it since we use a lot of olive oil :).

We saw a ton of Iberian Ibix too…

The hot springs were not super hot, around 75F so it was a bit cold given it is January. Lindsey wore a wet suit and was still a bit cold. I was pretty good without a wetsuit but as Calico says it was “refreshing”. The hot springs are beautiful and you have to go through a canyon to reach them.

Very fun day!!!!!

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